How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds with Cup of Water and Paper Towel Method

We can guarantee a minimum of 80% germination success rate for our marijuana seeds if you follow the Cup of Water and Paper Towel method as per our instructions.

Many of our customers experience 100% success rate. However, as with any natural products, the result may vary.

Things you Need Before you Get Started

1. a glass

2. 1 plate

3. paper towel

4. tweezers

5. distilled water or rain water

6. pill bottle

Steps to Do

– Make sure that you are germinating them in a room temperature. (18 – 25 .degrees Celsius)

– Drop the seeds into a cup of distilled water for 14 – 18 hours. They may or may not sink to the
  bottom. That’s normal. Come back after a few hours and sink the ones floating to the bottom by
  using your finger tips.

– The process is complete when you see the shell crack and a tiny root will appear.

– Fold a thick paper towel which is free from any perfume and dye and position it on top of the plate.

– Pour the content of the cup of water into the paper towel set up. Make sure that you give enough
  space between the seeds to prevent the taproots from tangling. Do not use your hands when
  handling the seeds as they are sensitive. Use tweezers.

– Leave it in a closed dark area. Let it sit until they open. Do not forget to check it every 5 to 12 hours
  and make sure to keep the layers moistened with a water spray.

– Keep it from direct sunlight, warm appliance or source of heat so that your seeds can take in more

– Once you see new taproot and is about 1/4 to 1/2 inch, the germination is complete. Transfer them
  into soil or rockwool cubes. Make sure the taproot is facing down. Use tweezers in transferring


Most of the seeds will germinate within 1 to 2 days but others may take up to 7 days. It varies according on the strain that you are germinating. Do not give up if you don’t see them germinate right away. When they don’t germinate, it is likely because they lack moisture.

Reasons of Germination Failure using the Cup of Water and Paper Towel
1. You let the seeds to sit in the cup of water for too long. 2. The paper towel is too dry or too wet.
3. It was exposed to extreme temperature.
4. You used tap water. It has impurities.

What to do if your seeds fail to germinate:

Seeds will fail to germinate when they lack enough water. As a last resort, put them back into the cup of distilled water and leave them there until you see it crack or a taproot appearing. Transfer it to the paper towel when you see the taproot.


We test our seeds every week with this method to make sure that we only ship quality cannabis seeds to all our customers. By accurately following the steps outlined above, all our customers are guaranteed to experience of at least 80% germination success rate.

We won’t honor you with our Germination Guarantee if:

1. You planted your seeds direct to the soil.

2. You used other germination method like rock wool, starter kit or any germination device which is used for other plants like vegetables.

3. You did not follow the germination procedure outlined above.

Your success and satisfaction are of great importance to us. Please follow the germination procedure above. Please contact us via email, chat or phone for germination guarantee issues.

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