Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the purchase of seeds considered legal under the law?
    • NO, according to the Farm bill act of 2018 – we do recommend to always check your local city/state laws. The United States Department of Agriculture can provide you with more detailed information. –
    • A valid payment method and a minimum age requirement of 19 years are necessary.
  • Refund or Exchange?
    • Every transaction is final and cannot be altered or returned.
    • Please be aware that orders with tracking numbers are not eligible for exchanges or refunds.
    • All orders with a tracking number cannot be subject to exchanges or refunds; kindly note.
    • Order Changes – Orders without verified tracking numbers may be changed.
    • Exemptions from Refunds: Packages with tracking numbers must have the status “returned to sender,” and the parcel must be undamaged and unopened.
  • Where did I get my order?
    • Orders within Canada are sent out of Vancouver, British Columbia, with a 3–7 day delivery window following shipment.
    • All other items are sent from Los Angeles, California, and should arrive 3–7 days after shipment.
  • How can I report a germination rate below 80%?
    • Please contact us to discuss the germination method you employed throughout your effort. To help in a subsequent effort, we will pinpoint areas that need work.
  • What is the best way for me to get free seeds?
    • You’ll be eligible for a free seed if you give a 5-star rating.
    • You will get 10 extra seeds for free with purchases exceeding $420.
    • Please visit our Sales page to view current specials and special offers, including seeds.
  • How can I get free shipping?
    • For orders over $200, delivery is free.
  • How can I submit photographs?
    • Photos can be sent to Please include your name, address, phone number, and order number.
    • Please email the strain’s name and any accompanying photographs if you want your content to be shared on our social media channels.
      • Choose whether you want your social media usernames and photo tags to appear as anonymous or visible.
  • How can I qualify to be a distributor?
  • How can I keep track of my package’s progress?


International Shipping

  • An international dispatch is any cargo bound for locations outside Canada, the United States, and the US Territories. You must purchase at least 20 seeds or $200 to order an overseas.
  • The customer is responsible for all customs-related taxes, tariffs, fees, and other costs.
  • We only use covert shipping techniques. Please make sure the supplied email address and phone number are accurate, relevant to your country, and simple to reach before submitting your purchase.
  • No refunds or exchanges for orders from outside the United States will be given.
  • For overseas orders, we cannot guarantee an 80% germination rate.
  • Although particular arrival times cannot be confirmed, transit delays could occasionally occur. Nonetheless, for your convenience, USPS Tracking Numbers are included with every shipment.
  • For orders coming from abroad, we accept a range of payment options, including:
    • MoneyGram
    • Bitcoin
    • Cash or International Money Order
  • Please be informed that we do not take credit cards from other countries. It is essential to guarantee the quality and correctness of shipping information.
  • Please contact us if you have any unanswered questions at


Payment Methods and Discount Offers

  • We do not accept requests for exchanges or refunds; all transactions are regarded as final.
  • Prices are shown in USD for our devoted clients’ convenience. To display costs in Canadian dollars for Canadian orders, however, choose your nation during the checkout process.
  • We are happy to accept Discover, American Express, Visa or Mastercard cards issued in the United States or Canada as payment options. Furthermore, accepted are bitcoin payments.
  • Send your order forms or order numbers to the following address if cash or money orders are your preferred method of payment:

6311 VAN NUYS BLVD #154

  • Please be aware that money orders should be addressed to MJSeeds Canada, and cash should be transferred by mail. Money orders marked “Seeds” will be returned to the sender immediately while we wait for updated instructions.
  • It’s vital to know that orders above USD/CAD 420 are subject to identification verification at purchase and delivery. Transactions beyond this threshold cannot be undone.
  • Please be advised that discount coupons cannot be used with existing sales or promotions.
  • You may only use seed credits or coupons from prior transactions if you place a new order as a cash transaction. Our cherished clients can contact a representative directly to apply credits, discounts, and payment for the current order.
  • DECLINED payments will be subject to reattempting twice daily for two weeks, unless the Customer confirms an alternative payment method or cancels the order.

Delivery & Shipment Issues

  • We do not accept refund requests or exchanges since all transactions are considered final.
  • We disclaim all liability for any loss or damage incurred during transit.
  • Purchases with less than $200 subtotals are charged a $20 standard delivery cost.
  • Orders are mailed domestically from Los Angeles, California, through USPS Priority Tracking for US consumers in all 50 states and US territories.
  • Orders for Canadian consumers are mailed domestically by Canada Post from Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • After being despatched, packages are expected to arrive 3–7 days after the day the tracking number is provided. Please be aware that this schedule may change depending on the mail carrier.
  • The recipient or customer must make a claim with their neighborhood mail carrier in the case of delays or problems once the item leaves our warehouse. These are links to resources for submitting claims:
  • Canada Post:
  • A Postal Service claim number is necessary to reship packages that have been reported stolen or lost in transit.
  • A Postal Service claim number is also necessary for packages having a verified “Delivered” status. Secondary shipments must be sent with updated address information or signature verification.

Germination Assurance

  • Only if you carefully adhere to our advised technique, which is lovingly provided with every purchase, can we guarantee an 80% germination rate.
  • You should plant the taproot in regular potting soil only once the taproot has developed.
    • NO nutrients or NO fertilizers
  • The cultivator is solely responsible for further developing the seedlings once they break through the soil.
  • Please be advised that changes in plant behavior brought on by environmental variables are not the responsibility of MJ Seeds Canada.
  • We guarantee an 80% germination rate for every package size when the germination instructions are strictly followed.
  • Please be aware that any efforts at germination made with water sources other than bottled spring water will not be validated. If the germination rate is less than 80%, tap water, reverse osmosis, distilled water, and well water will not be considered alternatives.
  • We do not guarantee germination for seeds put inside bags, hidden in any way, or exposed to a seed-heating mat while germinating.
  • Every order is qualified for a single replacement.
  • If the seeds are stored properly, and the exact steps are followed, the germination guarantees will be valid for up to two years following the date of purchase.


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