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Have you ever wanted to grow cannabis in an apartment or dormitory? With autoflowering cannabis seeds, you can! We have the best collection of autoflowering cannabis strains ready to give you the best results. Our automatic seeds are the best quality seeds and the freshest so you can cultivate cannabis fast and easy. Are you a first-time grower? Then we recommend our autoflowering cannabis for you! Take advantage of these good quality seeds and our special free delivery and free seeds offer today.

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What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds will grow automatic cannabis plants. These strains are unique plants that grow “automatically” which means there won’t need a special lighting schedule to bloom. Unlike regular strains that require a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark schedule to bloom, automatic strains depend on their maturity to produce flowers.

Automatic cannabis plants are known for their early flowering at just 7 to 9 weeks. With this quick life cycle, you can expect to grow and harvest twice or thrice a year. Using automatic seeds will help you boost your yields multiple times in a year.

Finally, automatic cannabis plants are smaller compared to other strains. Some autos produce fewer yields because of their size.  But this is often taken as good quality by growers as they can grow cannabis even in small spaces or growing areas.

Why use autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis is the most popular kind of marijuana and this is because of the following reasons:

  • Automatic strains are for beginners

It’s very easy to grow automatic strains as you don’t need a special lighting schedule. Even beginner growers will find these plants easy to cultivate at home.

  • Autoflowering cannabis is not too complicated to grow

Because you don’t need to worry about maintaining a strict lighting schedule, automatic strains are not too complicated to cultivate. You can go ahead and grow your plants using the same lighting schedule from the vegetative to flowering stages.

  • Autoflowering cannabis is best for small, cramped spaces

Autoflowering plants are small, only 50 to 80 cm tall, and thus can fit small growing tents, cabinets, and rooms. You can grow cannabis in apartments and even in dorms stealthily with automatic strains.

  • Automatic seeds are mostly feminized seeds

Yes, almost all automatic cannabis seeds are also feminized strains. Therefore, aside from fast-growing plants, you’ll be growing only females with no need to worry about male plants that can accidentally pollinate female plants.

Is there a special technique to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds?

There are no special techniques to grow autoflowering cannabis plants and in fact, these are the easiest to grow. Most autoflowering strains are so easy to grow, all you need is a pot with good soil and voila! Smokable weed in just a few weeks!

But despite its ease of growing autoflowering cannabis should be supported with good soil preferably organic soil with natural components like bat guano, vermiculite, earthworm castings, plant residue, and other organic matter. If you plan to use hydroponics, make sure to use correct hydroponics nutrients according to your plant’s growing phase.

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