Make Quick Cash by Joining the MJ Seeds Canada Affiliate Program with Green Affiliates

It is easy to earn fast cash using your website or social media platform, simply by participating in our cannabis seed affiliate program.

To join, you have to be at least 18 years old AND you must be driving traffic with any of the platforms indicated below:

  • Own website (does not have to be cannabis-related)
  • Social media
  • Youtube
  • blog/podcast


Make money by recommending MJ Seeds Canada to your friends and followers. Become an affiliate today and use the power of the internet to earn your very own cash!

Need extra cash? Sign up now. We’ve got you covered!

What is the Reward rate?

A solid 20% commission will be paid to any Affiliate who influences their visitors to make a purchase, pay for that product, and have it shipped to them. Consider the 20% commission as a reward for each of your sales efforts. The more traffic you direct to our website, the more fixed rewards you will receive. Cookies remain on your visitor’s device for 90 days, so there’s lots of time for them to complete their order.

When are rewards handed out?

Commissions on orders that have been completed in the course of a month will be paid to you in the first two weeks of the next month. You choose your method of payment: Paypal, Paper Cheque, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer or E-Transfer. Payments can be sent anywhere in the world.

What makes Green Affiliates stand out among the others?

The MJ Seeds Canada Affiliate program is run by Green Affiliates. Green Affiliates is continuously expanding its companies and networks, so right now there are 7 different cannabis seed brands you can promote with just one Affiliate account, with more to come soon! More merchants to promote translates to more possible sources of income for you. We offer eye-catching product packaging, famous strains, and guaranteed 80% germination success. We offer global shipping and always have 24-hour customer service reliability. Our Customer Service representatives are available with a toll-free number and live chat, ready to assist your visitors and help them to complete their sales. Not every cannabis seed company can say that!

How much can we earn as an Affiliate?

Our affiliates average 10 paid transactions per month at a value of $100 to $200 USD per order. Your 20% reward could create between $200 to $400 USD extra income for you by just doing referrals through your website or social media and convincing your visitors to make a purchase with MJ Seeds Canada. The potential to earn even more is limitless. The more traffic you drive to our website, the bigger your rewards will be!

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