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Come and get your favorite regular cannabis strains from our large library of strains. We have the most popular regular strains and the newest strains online. Our special deals like free shipping and free seeds will help you save money as you buy as many seeds as you want. We are known for our fresh seeds, packed and sealed in the best packaging so you’ll get your seeds fresh and ready to grow. Come and order your regular seeds today.

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What are regular cannabis seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into photoperiod cannabis plants. This type of plant is the most common as nothing has been done to alter its qualities. Regular cannabis seeds are photoperiod which means these rely on the amount of light it receives to bloom. This is why you need to place your plants in a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to stimulate flowering. If you don’t do this or you fail to provide this 12/12 light schedule, your plants will remain in the vegetative phase.

Regular cannabis seeds can be male or female and you’ll only know the gender of your plants once these start to bloom during the pre-flowering stage.

Why use regular cannabis seeds?

Despite some disadvantages of using regular seeds, many growers still prefer to use this type of seed because of the following:

  • Regular cannabis seeds will let you cultivate cannabis seeds

If you’re planning on growing more seeds to use for your next grow, regular seeds will give you good results.

  • Regular seeds to develop new strains

You need male and female plants to make new strains and thus, you need regular seeds to grow your regular male and female plants.

  • Regular strains are the most affordable kind of seeds

No doubt that regular seeds cost a fraction of autoflowering seeds. If you don’t have much budget to buy seeds, you might consider quality regular cannabis seeds.

  • Growers who want a challenge grow regular strains

It’s always a challenge to grow regular plants. First-time growers may practice their skills with regular seeds. Meanwhile, seasoned growers learn more about new strains and how to grow these by using regular strains.

Are there some special techniques to grow regular cannabis seeds?

The 12/12 lighting schedule should be followed strictly and this is why you must consider growing cannabis indoors. Following this lighting schedule is easier when your plants are indoors as you simply turn off or power on your grow lights.

There will come a time that your plants will be ready to bloom and this is when you need to pay attention to. Find and remove male plants early if you want to grow weed. Let male plants remain to pollinate female plants if you want to grow seeds or new plants.

Maintain good plant health by growing your plants in rich, organic soil. This is soil that’s loaded with the best organic ingredients to ensure proper nutrition. If you must use nutrients, choose products that will match your plants’ growing stage as vegging plants need a different set of nutrients than flowering plants. 

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