Acapulco Gold Autoflowering

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  • Acapulco Gold Auto flowering (AG) is a grade A type of Sativa Dominant Hybrid in which can appear pale green with a touch of yellow at times. The strains have a dark and light orange shade that can be a mark in order to be distinguished from the other types of cannabis plants.
  • The initial smell of the plant can be compared to the scent of a nugget with a hint of saffron and butterscotch. However, along the process, when the bud breaks and its scent mixes in the air, the powerful dominant smell of burnt toffee becomes overpowering.
  • Considering the taste, it can be of the taste of nutmeg with a mixture of cinnamon and ginger. In general, the plant’s taste is so spicy that the taste can be as strong as its smell. The taste last for a moment inside your mouth with the aid of the smell so it is expected for the whole sensation to stay for a bit longer.
  • Once the effects begin to influence the mind, the body relaxes and the eyes tend to heavy. It’s very good for those who would like to have a peace of mind without suffering much pain like spasm or headache. It has a potency of 2  2.5.
  • Acapulco Gold Auto Flowering (AG) is good for people who suffer insomnia. It relaxes the body and contributes to the stimulation of hormones in which induces sleep along with the specific chemicals to lower the levels that may affect mood. With this, it is concluded that this type of cannabis plants can be a tool to lower anxiety.
  • It is good for people who suffer psychological related pain such as in ADHD, clinical depression and other related issues. By smaller intakes, users can be able to shut of the part of the brain in which triggers the sense of discomfort in the body.


  • For indoor growers, the proper ventilation during the planting phase should be observed properly in order to obtain the maximized potential as to the plant’s growth. It is advised to regularly check the water mixed with nutrients to make sure that each area receives the daily dose or minerals it needs.
  • For outdoor growers, the same thing is observed but instead of stirring up water with nutrients, planters are advised to cultivate the soil in regular basis and apply the necessary fertilizers considering the phase which the plant is already in.
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Heavy
Height : Tall
Flowering : 8 Weeks
Stone : Strong and long lasting effect
THC level : 16%
Grow : Easy

2 reviews for Acapulco Gold Autoflowering

  1. TMailly

    Great strain very well grow! Amazing strain, very easy to treat, without any problem or type of stress. It explode with very dense and compact flowers with an aroma very strong and a lot of resin on its flowers. I will definitely grow it again without a doubt.

  2. Johnnie W.

    This is a great strain for relaxes my body. Found Acapulco Gold high to be invigorating with a smooth, relaxing finish. Delivery was fast and I didn’t encounter any hassles. There are a lot of seed bank selling seeds nowadays, so while researching where to get the Acapulco Gold, I based my decision off of price and reviews. Happy with my order and will buy here again.

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