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BlackBerry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

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BlackBerry Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain popular for its thick and very heavy smoke. It will produce a smooth and clear-headed high, followed by relaxation and calm. It is ideal for evening use to end a very busy day. This is also a medicinal strain as it can relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

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More About Blackberry Autoflower

Medicinal Strain With A Sweet Berry Aroma

Combining Canadian and Pakistani genetics, the Blackberry Autoflower is a hybrid of Indica and Ruderalis with a little Sativa included. When planted, this strain can grow quite short, reaching about 70 cm to 110 cm in height. It can be grown outdoors, but if you want to reap the best yields, experts recommend to stick to indoor cultivation.

The Blackberry Autoflower can bring the grower to harvest within a quick eight weeks. The yields you can enjoy outdoors amount to anywhere between 70 grams to 300 grams, depending on many factors. But, your indoor cultivation will surely lead to a strong 500 to 600 grams worth of buds.

This amazing strain can provide a moderately potent THC level at 20 percent, plus a delicious flavor that is a blend of fruity, spicy, and sweet with hints of berry and pine. Medically, this strain can help to deal with problems like nausea, rheumatism, stress, migraines, back pain, and PMS.

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1 review for BlackBerry Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

  1. Christy Caulfield

    Wondering what this plant could give to me at first. Then I grow it, nurturing with some nutrients too. Happy to say, it all absorbs it. Eventually the plant showed how descent it was. Healthy and glowing plant. And plus factor of how much buds it produced. Overwhelming! I got a huge number here!Thanks!

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