Cheese High CBD Marijuana Seeds

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Cheese Marijuana Seeds is a mostly indica strain with the trademark cheesy, earthy, and pungent flavors. It is stinky, and you need to do all you can to remove the stench in your growing area. It’s not a beginner strain as it can be finicky to grow. It is also a medical strain and can relieve stress, arthritis, migraines, and depression.

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More About CBD Cheese

Quick Flowering Medicating Cannabis Strain

The CBD Cheese cannabis variation is a perfect way to enjoy a therapeutic experience, without being too overwhelmed with the cerebral effects that they come with. This strain comes with the whole body calm, and it is perfectly effective for dealing with the symptoms of many ailments that hinder the quality of life.

The appearance of the CBD Cheese has long and slender leaves with a moderate type of height. The plant is also quite resilient against molds, moisture, and diseases, which is perfect for those who are looking into cultivating for your own.

The total growth period of this strain ranges from 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. In terms of the harvest, you can get 500 grams worth of buds per square meter when located indoors, and about 1000 grams outdoors. The buds that you will be able to collect will smell like funky and cheesy with little notes of acid and floral.

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds

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  1. Jennifer Golden

    Sometimes there are really issues you will encounter while growing. But this strain is a tough one. A strong plant. It has a great yield and all seeds are perfectly germinated. It only encounter the dry out issues, but it did surpass it. Just did a little curing. Over all, I like how strong she was. Definitely will recommend this to my colleagues!

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