Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Kings Bread Autoflowering is a Sativa landrace from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica; it has an average THC content of 21% and a CBD level of 1%, which can help relax the body at the same time, can help enhance the focus of the consumer’s mind. Given its sativa properties, it can help cause munchies and alleviate nausea. As the high wears off, King’s Bread will surprisingly cause laziness or sleepiness, making this strain better eaten in the evening or at night. 

Kings Bread produces unique buds that structure are like fingerlings. It has rust-colored hairs and has frosty white resins that cover the nugs. Its nugs are pale green with highlights of brown. Its fragrance fills the room with citrus, sweet, cheese, and mint tones. Meanwhile, it tastes like what it smells, but mint and cheese flavors are more powerful.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of kings Bread Autoflowering  Marijuana Seeds?

Users will experience a significant body buzz after the first lemony strike, similar to light waves lapping at the beach. Your mind will begin to clear as your body falls into a deep state of relaxation, which is unique to this strain since sativa is not known for this effect. Kick relax and appreciate the upturn and flow of heaviness that makes its way through the bloodstream as a mellow euphoria sets in. Even though this strain provides a full-body high, it isn’t known for causing drowsiness or loss of control, helping you and get through your to-do list without difficulty.

On the nose, King’s Bread smells more like sweet mint than baked goods, with distinct citrus tones and even a touch of cheese. When the cheese back-note is smoked, it becomes even more noticeable, combining with the minty-sweetness to create a very nuanced and fascinating overall profile. It’s a flavor that takes a little getting used to, but it’s distinct and unique to King’s Bread.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Kings Bread Autoflowering is well-known among medicinal users. The marijuana strain King’s Bread (Auto) is an effective treatment for severe mood disorders. Users suffering from mild depression, anxiety, or stress will feel better after only one puff. Because the herb has a strong sedative effect, beginners should take it slowly and in small doses. Patients who suffer from severe pains, aches, and anxiety will benefit from this weed, King’s Bread (auto). Inducing drowsiness in recreational and medical patients is possible with high doses.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Furthermore, King’s Bread is much superior and more popular due to its limited side effects. Dehydration, Cottonmouth, and dry eyes with itchiness are common side effects of this strain. Consumable liquids should be consumed before, during, but after using King’s Bread. Drinking plenty of water can also help to prevent headaches and migraines from developing. The use of an eye drop will help relieve dryness and itching in the eyes. The moisturizer can soothe the eyes and reduce the appearance of redness.

How to Grow Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

The experience of growing King’s Bread Auto is enriching. It will take about 9 to 10 weeks for this strain to bloom until it is ready to harvest. It can be grown in either an indoor or an outdoor environment. When grown indoors, the estimated yield is about 390 grams per square meter. The plant does well in a hot and warm outdoor setting. Growers should expect a substantial yield of 390 grams of compact nugs per plant by  October to mid-November.


Kings Bread Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Genetics Parents: Sativa landrace from mountains of Jamaica
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Warm, Dry, and Hot
Yield: 390 grams/m2 indoor / 390 grams per plant/ outdoor
Flavors: Cheesy, Citrus, Lemon, Sweet
THC Level: 21%
CBD Level: 1%
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Medium

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds


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