Sour Girl Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Sour Girl auto marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by combining Sour Diesel and Early Girl with a Ruderalis strain. This sativa dominant strain is loved by cannabis fans all over the world for its desirable effects and delectable scents and flavors. The parent strains are individually sought after for their marvelous genetics as well, so there is no wonder why the resulting strain is just as awesome, if not more. The relatively high THC levels of this strain and the 0.21% CBD content make it potent enough to result in a couch lock effect.

This strain grows to be a huge and tall plant. Its buds are forest-green and are covered in amber-colored pistils. The flower is covered in crystal white trichomes, making it appear to have been dipped in snow. The Ruderalis genetics of this strain makes it autoflowering, giving the greatest convenience to cannabis growers.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Sour Girl (auto)

Sour Girl auto marijuana has a complex flavor and scent profile. Breaking up the buds of this strain releases an intense pungent aroma with notes of citrus tickling the nostrils. Combusting these buds exudes strong hashy scents. The smoke from this weed has sour and citrus flavors mixed with pungent and hashy taste. This strain surely satisfies classic cannabis users. 

The high from smoking this strain is greatly influenced by its sativa dominance. This strain makes the users productive in their days. The head high induces creativity and focus all the while making the users feel happy and energized. This stimulating head high is followed by a deeply relaxing body buzz. This strain is perfect for daytime use. Cannabis users love the motivating and uplifting effects that this weed brings them.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sour Girl (auto)

Sour Girl auto marijuana has established quite a name in the medical marijuana community with its therapeutic properties. It has been found to be beneficial in managing mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, PTSD, depression, and the likes. This strain also boasts of its pain-relieving properties that can help alleviate chronic pains, migraines, muscle spasms, joint discomforts, and general fatigue. The deeply relaxing effects of this strain can also be used to induce sleep among patients struggling with insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Sour Girl (auto)

Sour Girl auto marijuan does not produce all positive effects. It can also lead to adverse effects such as having dry eyes and dry mouth when taken in huge doses. Users must drink lots of fluids in order to counter the discomfort from these conditions. When taken excessively, users may also experience headaches, paranoia, dizziness, and hallucinations. Thus, this strain is best enjoyed in moderation.

How to Grow Sour Girl (auto)

Sour Girl auto marijuana is suitable for novice growers because of its ease in cultivation. Its autoflowering properties from its Ruderalis genetics makes it flower on its own without the need of changing the lighting schedule. This strain can grow into a tall plant that can thrive in both indoor and outdoor setups. When grown indoors, it can produce a yield of 175 grams per square meter after 8 to 9 weeks. Meanwhile, when grown outdoors in a Mediterranean environment, it can produce a yield of 160 grams per plant.


Sour Girl (auto) Strain Specifications

Type: 70% Sativa / 20% Indica / 10% Ruderalis
Genetics Parents: Sour Diesel x Early Girl x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 175 g/m2 (indoor), 160 g/plant (outdoor)
Flavors: citrus, sour, pungent, hash
THC Level: 17%
CBD Level: 0.21%
Height:  tall
Harvest Period: unknown
Growing Difficulty: easy


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