Tutankhamon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


The Tutankhamon Auto is a large, fast-growing plant with a lot of flavor and fragrances. She’s also great for beginners because she’s simple to grow and maintain and takes minimal upkeep. A new Egyptian sovereign, with its personality, was created by crossing Ruderalis and Indica with Tutankhamon. A successful breeding scheme resulted in this. Auto Tutankhamon, often known as King Tut, is a Sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis strain with strong THC levels and stimulating qualities.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Tutankhamon Autoflowering?

There’s nothing particularly memorable about the taste, unfortunately. A pleasant and discreet weed aroma and flavor that is found in nature in its generic form. Tutankhamon contains a spicy and slightly sour skunk scent.

This strain has a medium level of potency. The effects are pretty sleepy and relaxing, but not to the point of incapacitating or debilitating. This super-uplifting strain provides a happy, cerebral high that stimulates creativity and stimulates the appetite. The perfect activity for social gatherings and getting your creative juices flowing. It’s an excellent all-around weed.

What are the Medical Benefits of Tutankhamon Autoflowering?

This strain is often used in medical settings to treat depression and anxiety in patients. It is beneficial to patients who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental illnesses. Additionally, it is used to treat nausea, stress, and pain.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Tutankhamon Autoflowering

As stated, the psychoactive properties of this strain may be too much for some people to handle. When the cerebral high becomes too much to bear, some users may experience paranoia and anxiety, which may worsen the situation. On this point, the choice is either to reduce the amount of time spent with it or to switch to another strain.

How to Grow Tutankhamon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Tutankhamon Auto strain thrives well in an Indoor and Outdoor environment. When growing indoors under a 20/4h light schedule, you can expect to harvest up to 550g per square meter of space. If you’re planting it outside, make the most of the warmest months of the year if you want it to flower correctly in the fall. When grown outdoors, it develops long, thick branches that almost reach the height of the central stem. As they begin to flower and gain weight, they will start to open up a little more, allowing the sunlight to reach every nook and cranny of their structure. You may want to train them just in case because they tend to brush against the ground. This high-yielding autoflowering plant can produce up to 50g of cannabis per plant when grown under ideal conditions, making it a worthwhile investment.

Tutankhamon Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Specifications

Type : Indica-Ruderalis
Genetics Parents : AK-47 X Ruderalis
Flowering Period : 7 to 8 Weeks
Climate : Warm and Sunny
Yield : 500-550 Indoors, 50 g/plant
Flavors : Sweet, Fruity
THC level : 20%
CBD level : 2%
Height : up to 130cm
Harvest Period : October
Growing Difficulty : Easy

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