Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Alien Technology Marijuana Seeds is a pure indica with high THC at 21 percent. It is an early bloomer at just 8 weeks and can produce buds with earthy, herbal, spicy, woody, and pungent flavors. It is a happy, relaxing, uplifting, and sedating strain that can be used to deal with anxiety, stomach aches, nausea, and migraines.

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More About Alien Technology

Typical Terpenes with an Equal High

Alien Technology is the famous mysterious strain that has a piece of moderate information about its mysterious ancestry. Alien Technology feminized seeds grow bright green-colored and compact popcorn-shaped buds with dark red-colored pistols that are layered by many crystals that make the buds look like cotton candy. The smell of its flowers is kind of sweet and sour typical diesel buzz. This strain is purely Indica with 16 to 19 percent THC level that offers a soft and tingly at first toke then quickly gives a long-lasting hypnotic outcome.

Due to its pure Indica profile making, it has a short flowering cycle that offers compact and hardy resinous buds. Growers may do diligent pruning and trimming to help good air circulate even in lower parts of plants to keep its dense colas from entertaining molds or even bud rot. Alien Technology is suitable for a Sea of Green growing techniques or in the outdoor and indoor set up with controlled temperature and humidity.

The indoor flowering period usually lasts up to 10 weeks and outdoors will end by the mid-month of October. Expected yields indoors can reach up to 300 grams every m2 while 350 grams every plant in outdoor growing. Alien Technology feminized seed is an excellent method to enhance and begin your producing next level buds.

4 reviews for Alien Technology Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Kale

    Beautiful, light green, and fluffy buds..this flower is uplifting and quite euphoric for an indica, but relaxing at the same time. It has a woody/faint nag champa aroma. I’m no Sativa diva. I use Indicas regularly. After picking up this strain from my “local” farm my fiancé was a little frustrated cause I would pass out within 30 minutes of smoking a bowl, didn’t realize it was the Mjseedscanada until the 4th day. Realized I needed a different strain to be productive and make it past 8oclock. It can be explained in a few simple words. Great taste and the most relaxing high. All you need for the best indica!

  2. Prince

    A very awesome strain! It makes me feel motivated, relaxed, and more happy and able to deal with life Get rid of the bs Smoke this good shit. This is a good indica, relaxing without being debilitating so you can still focus. I wasn’t a fan of the harsh, petrol-like aftertaste but that’s just a personal preference. The buds looked great, light green, fluffy, and with a nice sprinkling of orange stigmas. Very smooth on the lungs for an Indica. very nice pain relief for the day without being couch-locked. Give it a try if you like indica and smoking during the day. BEST SMOKE!

  3. Tammy

    As the single apex cola buds mature, you can expect to be dazzled by the thick coat of frosty white resin that appears on the dense buds with sparse long, deep orange hairs, giving the plant a look akin to that of a mini snow-capped Christmas tree! An optimal strain for taking the edge off after a busy day at work, providing a long-lasting cerebrally euphoric high mixed with an equally potent full-body rush and tranquility that ensues. Upon exhalation the aftertaste may have a sweet vanilla flavor, but still with that slightly bitter and pungent turpentine taste. I will purchase again!

  4. Stephen

    Smoking or vaping this strain comes with cedar wood notes, sweet apple hints, and a bit of a chemical bitterness associated with the inhalation! Probably one of the main reasons it is loved for both purposes is the high it provides is instantly calming and mood-enhancing. With the long-lasting effects of this potent strain coming to a close, sedative properties kick in and can give those plagued by sleeping disorders and fatigue the much-needed deep blissful sleep they’re not able to access unassisted. Its indica structure, a compact and sturdy plant. Has a strong resistance to cold weather, making it an absolute breeze to grow outdoors, but it will produce far better yields with a bit of proper care and attention. Amazing!

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