Sweet Tooth Feminized

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Sweet Tooth Feminized strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is a short plant growing only 60 to 90 cm high. But despite its short size, you can expect to get as much as 550 grams per square meter indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. It flowers fast and can produce dense and heavy buds with flowery, sweet, and tropical flavors.

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  • Sweet Tooth Feminized has a high potency level with incredibly high yield.
  • During maturity, this weed looks like a silver frost covered plant that radiates a nice fruity smell.
  • The Sweet Tooth Feminized plant grows to a medium height with strong side branches. Its buds develop into a large cola with sticky resin. Given a large room to grow, it will reach a medium or tall height.
  • This plant is easy to grow and has a high resistance to mold. It can flower within 65-75 days from seedling to harvest and yields of up to 450 g/m2 when planted indoor. This plant can also grow of up to 75 cm height when indoor.
  • This plant can also produce a high yield which can be harvested at the beginning of October.
  • This plant offers a pleasant and comforting head buzz that makes its body high pleasant and highly agreeable.
  • This cannabis hybrid has a fabulously sweet and smooth juicy, palatable taste that stays in your mouth for a while.
  • This plant is known to use for medical treatment for stress due to its relaxing cerebral effect. It provides a happy and uplifted feeling when used.


          Since this is a feminized marijuana strain, then you are sure that if you buy and grow Sweet Tooth Feminized marijuana seeds you will get female marijuana plants that will grow buds good for smoking. This might not be for new growers but you can grow it for as long as you have the right guide for growing marijuana.

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 450 g/m2
Height : 65 – 75 cm
Flowering : 65 – 75 days
Stone : Relaxing and cerebral
THC level : 22%
Grow : Moderate

2 reviews for Sweet Tooth Feminized

  1. PhilipG

    Wonderful strain, easy and fast to grow without any issues of growth and cycle. beautiful flowering colors. The plant was ready for harvest at 75 days. Aroma has a nice fruity smell. and taste very good and very pleasant to smoke. I will make this strain grow again and surely recommend for beginners.

  2. Julien T.

    So far 5 of 5 successfully germinated and all 5 were females.This is one of the best growers I’ve had. Its a very good resistance and resilient to any issue with growing. I would definitely grow this strain again and recommend it to anyone!

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