Sweet Tooth Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Sweet Tooth Feminized strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is a short plant growing only 60 to 90 cm high. But despite its short size, you can expect to get as much as 550 grams per square meter indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. It flowers fast and can produce dense and heavy buds with flowery, sweet, and tropical flavors.

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  • Sweet Tooth Feminized has a high potency level with incredibly high yield.
  • During maturity, this weed looks like a silver frost covered plant that radiates a nice fruity smell.
  • The Sweet Tooth Feminized plant grows to a medium height with strong side branches. Its buds develop into a large cola with sticky resin. Given a large room to grow, it will reach a medium or tall height.
  • This plant is easy to grow and has a high resistance to mold. It can flower within 65-75 days from seedling to harvest and yields of up to 450 g/m2 when planted indoor. This plant can also grow of up to 75 cm height when indoor.
  • This plant can also produce a high yield which can be harvested at the beginning of October.
  • This plant offers a pleasant and comforting head buzz that makes its body high pleasant and highly agreeable.
  • This cannabis hybrid has a fabulously sweet and smooth juicy, palatable taste that stays in your mouth for a while.
  • This plant is known to use for medical treatment for stress due to its relaxing cerebral effect. It provides a happy and uplifted feeling when used.


          Since this is a feminized marijuana strain, then you are sure that if you buy and grow Sweet Tooth Feminized marijuana seeds you will get female marijuana plants that will grow buds good for smoking. This might not be for new growers but you can grow it for as long as you have the right guide for growing marijuana.

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 450 g/m2
Height : 65 – 75 cm
Flowering : 65 – 75 days
Stone : Relaxing and cerebral
THC level : 22%
Grow : Moderate

14 reviews for Sweet Tooth Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. PhilipG

    Wonderful strain, easy and fast to grow without any issues of growth and cycle. beautiful flowering colors. The plant was ready for harvest at 75 days. Aroma has a nice fruity smell. and taste very good and very pleasant to smoke. I will make this strain grow again and surely recommend for beginners.

  2. Julien T.

    So far 5 of 5 successfully germinated and all 5 were females.This is one of the best growers I’ve had. Its a very good resistance and resilient to any issue with growing. I would definitely grow this strain again and recommend it to anyone!

  3. Paisley

    Got some high-quality Sweet Tooth this week to try it out; very good strain for parties/groups of friends. It made me very happy, talkative, and creative. We were all laughing non-stop about all the funny things we were coming up with. The smoke wasn’t too harsh and I don’t recall any sort of taste to it, which is fine by me. All my stresses were gone for the two hours or so while I was medicated. Make sure you have some soda or whatever to sip on, it gives you cottonmouth pretty bad, but other than that it’s an excellent strain! Definitely going to get it again!

  4. Blake

    Fantastic lookin’ buds, covered in resin, with tons of Lil amber hairs in places, but the inside was cream green! Took a hit initially, the taste was excellent, made me cough at first but the cough tasted rather sweet. took about 30 minutes for the buzz to really kick, but once it did, it enhanced all of my thought patterns and viewing capabilities, my mood was definitely more cheery and sporadic, very big head high, with a slight couch lock (watched 3 animes & made 3 massive breakfast tacos after 1 & a half bowls). I highly recommend this strain, a consistent feel great bud.

  5. Shannon

    An aroma of warm, sugary cookies straight from the oven! For me, Sweet Tooth is not the strongest hitting hybrid available, but it does come with several advantages. Apart from its well-balanced effects, it has a short flowering period and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. These seeds are feminized, so growing a mostly female army of plants is guaranteed. It has high THC content gives an instant, intense, and long-lasting cerebral buzz despite its minimal Sativa makeup. It also provides users with enough energy to remain active, while boosting creativity and focus – it can bring out your artistic side after just a few tokes. One of the best strains!

  6. Daniel

    The plant is versatile, resilient, and will develop in any growing method. As long as it’s given ample water and nutrients, it’s bound to reward its owner with some high-quality nugs at the end of the growing journey. Note that this strain produces huge, resin-filled flowers, so its branches may require some support. On exhale, the same sweet flavor lingers, and there are notes of fruit and wood too. While the euphoric effects are in full flight, there’s also a wave of physical relaxation courtesy of its dominant Indica component. It can be quite heavy on the body and can cause lethargy and laziness in higher doses, but if smoked in moderation then non-strenuous activities are still possible. A worth trying strain!

  7. Ronald

    The high starts as a fast-acting cerebral kick, making you feel uplifted and energetic without being too high-strung. The mind-focused effects last for a long time, so grab this opportunity to be productive and creative! Inhale some more, and you’ll detect a whiff of earth, which is courtesy of its Nepalese lineage. The seeds are already feminized and will mature into females most of the time, enabling you to grow and harvest the coveted sensimilla or seedless cannabis buds, which are prized for their potency, purity, and overall quality. . Plus, this strain is naturally resilient to common molds and mildew. Lastly, it’s also versatile and perfectly suitable both indoors and out and in any growing style. Try these strains!

  8. Deborah

    The buds are quite a welcome sight. First of all, they’re large and ultra-dense. They usually come in a deep green color, although they may sometimes reveal a striking purple shade, especially when exposed to colder temperatures during the late flowering stage. Vivid orange pistils and a thick layer of sparkling trichomes stand out against the dark-colored nugs. I love the sweet, overpowering aroma from the get-go, accented by notes of flowers, fruits, and berries. It sends wave after wave of warmth and physical relaxation, settling on every nook and cranny of the body. I will recommend this strain to all my friends!

  9. Marie

    I’m relatively new to the marijuana world, but after bad run-ins with pharmaceutical anti-anxiety meds, I opted for a more natural approach. That being said, I’ve tried several strains to narrow down one that was best for my needs. Sweet tooth is MY strain. I love the scent of earthiness and somewhat citrus peel-like tones. It’s smooth to smoke and gives you this calm relaxing feeling that pretty much slowly runs from head-to-toe like a warm bath. It’s a body high and still allows for a clear head. I will say that it gives you a pretty serious dry mouth, but it’s worth it! I love this strain!

  10. Richard

    I dabbed on some sweet tooth just a minute ago, and some earlier on and I must say!!!! Sweet and beyond satisfying :D. This high started light in the body and slowly had a head high creep up that I must say was just all and all a nice experience. Perfect for helping with any issues listed in medical in the full report. Hope this has helped someone decide whether or not it was a good choice for them. Found it to feel uplifting though so this is 1 indica! It’s perfect! I will recommend this strain to my friend of friends.

  11. Lisa

    This strain gave me the most intense munchies I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never eaten so much food in my whole life. I probably ate enough to feed a family of four. I ate everything in sight. since then my appetite is mostly back to normal, but I still like to smoke this before dinner so I can finish it. The high isn’t bad either & it tastes delicious. It made me feel relaxed but also very focused. I love playing video games while smoking this. But yeah if you have issues with lack of appetite & all that jazz, this strain will make you eat everything. It’s 5 stars!

  12. Sandra

    The smell of the shatter is of berries and flowers, once inhaled you taste these flavors so immensely that you begin to salivate like crazy. The exhale is of the sweetest blueberry cotton candy you will ever taste! All my pain disappears and I feel like I’m floating in happiness right now. The overall effects are quick to set in, starting with a lovely head high that slowly makes its way down your body with a fine tingly feeling. As the time fades on (quite slowly I must say) you feel the indica powers set in, the relaxation is out of this world and you feel to be floating about whatever object you are sitting on. As time progresses you feel lethargic and will be guaranteed to have one of the best nights sleep ever. Don’t just take my word for it, you must try this for yourself!

  13. Michael

    Its effects are strong, helping me feel happier and more content with life for the most part! I almost passed out and just laid on my bed, eyes closed, just listening to episodes of Rick and Morty, on the cusp of sleep. I’m a daily dabber, so my tolerance is high, and this is the first time I’ve had to lie down and sober up before being able to do the work I needed to do. It will be very easy to sleep tonight after just a couple of large, low, or mid temp dabs It’s a couch locker if you go the low temp dab route, which I highly recommend, not just for the power of its effects, but to taste this rad strain. It has incredible, sweet flavors, as you probably guessed from its name!

  14. Brian

    This is my second time smoking Sweet Tooth, and I must say it tastes/looks a little different from when I first smoked it years back. It was sweet but also very pungent and dank, I order my 10 seeds from mjsc.ca website, and got it so fast. Right now after smoking, I am very relaxed but not tired. Took minor discomfort/aches away. Euphoria and happiness are also there. Regardless of being Indica dom, this strain doesn’t get me couch-locked or that burnt out feeling from Indicas, makes a good smoke for any time of the day preferably early evening IMO! Worth trying strain and will purchase again soon!

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