Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Feminized is one of the easiest to grow because of its amazing resistance to mold and mildew. This is a mostly-sativa strain with high THC at 22 percent. It’s a tall plant but will produce awesome yields up to 700 grams per plant outdoors. You’ll fall for its citrusy, spicy, and dense earthy buds wth an energetic high.

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More About Amnesia Feminized Strain

  • This is a type of a female or feminized cannabis seed has its genetic composition originating from Afghanistan, Hawaii, and South East Asia. Amnesia Feminized strain only got the best features and traits of each of the three genetic parents thus it is a premium marijuana strain.
  • Amnesia feminized is sativa dominant and is actually a cross between the Cambodian and Super Silver Haze to be in particular. It has greater potential of yield and harvest than its parents.
  • It has a musky scent with a hint of rose and peach. Its taste also has a musky flavor to it with a touch of floral undertone and is coupled with a peppery spiced flavor. It was actually awarded in 2004 as the High Times Cannabis Cup winner because of its awesome characteristics.
  • While doing a trial and error breeding of a cannabis genetic cross between a Haze and a Northern Lights, the breeder was able to create the perfect feminized version of the Amnesia.
  • Amnesia feminized marijuana strain is a female version of the regular Amnesia. Feminized marijuana seeds will give you female marijuana plants which will provide you with buds which are good for smoking. Male marijuana plants won’t grow buds but will give you seeds which aren’t for smoking. If you are a smoker, then you would like to go for feminized marijuana seeds.


Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 300 (g/m2)
Height : Average
Flowering : 7-9 weeks
Stone : Strong
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow : Easy – Moderate

4 reviews for Amnesia Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. PerrinG

    The plant is very resilient to stress, and grows very quick. She flourished from start to finish smells amazing all the way through to the end! This strain is absolutely wonderful to grow it can handle stress very, very good. Amazing strain really great sativa high with amazing taste!

  2. Charles B.

    They germinated and grew like crazy! I am in the 7th week of flower and the stretch on her has been impressive with a terrific smell. They were topped twice and handled training well. Can’t wait for harvest time!

  3. Juliette

    I was almost not gonna write a review for this weed, but then I started smoking it and it turned into my new favorite strain and I just had to say something about it! I LOVE growing my own marijuana, it’s so fulfilling and definitely a good buy. I REALLY wanna keep growing this stuff cause it makes me happy and it also has a lot of Sativa energy which keeps me up and running throughout the day. I really like this stuff though, it’s easy to grow and makes for a great and smelly harvest and the buds are nice and pink, the size of my fist, and so fluffy they seem lighter than air! Perfect strain!

  4. Elijah

    Amnesia strain is a powerful Sativa blend that sharpens the senses and relaxes the mind…makes me feel like the next-level me! I am way more productive at work when I smoke this dope…helps me manage my work and value my time more. Always a good decision to have this in your life. I think you’ll totally enjoy it! If you ever need a way to calm your nerves, amnesia is a great way to do it, .so it helps with stress and keeps you focused. I really enjoy its earthly qualities. I am very impressed by the harsh smoke and the nice even buzz. I honestly can’t believe I grew this myself. Maybe I am a better gardener than I thought!

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