Amnesia Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Haze Feminized is a sativa dominant cannabis strain with a very potent lemon flavor and aroma. This classic strain has 24% THC, which makes it very energetic, relaxing, talkative, and euphoric. It flowers fast at just 8 weeks after germination and will produce high yields up to 650 grams per square meter indoors and 700 grams per plant outdoors.

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More About Amnesia Haze Strain

  • The plant can be grown indoors or outdoors but enough space is needed for the plant to grow properly.
  • Amnesia Haze is one of the most popular marijuana strains especially in coffee shops in the Netherlands. It’s known for its high level of THC’s that can be actually seen as crystals on its dense buds. It’s a breed that’s mostly Sativa.
  • It can grow up to more than a meter in height making it a medium sized plant. It’s perfect for indoor plantations but may be too big for hydroponic boxes. This strain is a medium-sized plant. In order to maximize potential yield, make sure that the plant has enough space to grow.
  • When taken care of properly it will have a flowering time of 10 weeks or so. Although the plant will grow both indoors and outdoors, it is best to plant outdoors only when your harvest time will fall around the end of October, otherwise, you may risk getting the crop destroyed if you live in extreme climates.
  • Its physical appearance can tell you about the breed. Its looks makes it obvious that it’s mostly sativa, it’s the height can say something about the big yields it can bring, and the crystals of THC on the buds boasts its potency and the possible high you can get from it.
  • Amnesia Haze is the kind of strain that does not smell too harshly. Even when smoked, the scent is mild and not as obvious as other strains with pungent smells.
  • When smoking, it produces a slightly fruity taste combined with a unique flavor that comes from the Amnesia Haze. The taste is one of the things that make it popular among growers and connoisseurs alike.
  • Depending on the amount of marijuana consumed, it can give a strong and mellow high while providing an uplifting and social feeling. It has a quick but short lasting effect that kicks in within 10 – 15 minutes of smoking.
  • The high it brings is best described as psychedelic.
  • The strain is often used medicinally to treat anxiety, depression, and other stress-related conditions because of its generally uplifting effects.


Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 70 – 80 grams
Height : 100 – 120 cm
Flowering : 12 weeks
Stone : Psychedelic
THC level : High
Grow : Easy – Moderate

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds

18 reviews for Amnesia Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Somerville Viens

    Excellent growth rate , high germination rate close to 100%. It grew strongly right from the beginning and flowered strong. Very nice and easy plant to grow and gets you good results. This is a very strong, hard hitting and long lasting smoke!

  2. Toby Chabrillan

    One of the best strains I tried. Of all marijuana seeds, this one is very quick to grow. I had no problem from its day 1 up to its harvesting time. It produced huge buds! Thanks!

  3. GGarcia

    Harvest was great and easy to grow. This plant offers a lot to look at the buds. The light green and coated dazzling buds at every glance. Sweet-smelling like Citrus, slightly creamy. Definitely a good smoke, but not as up-lifting as other haze varieties, so you won’t regret smoking before nap time.

  4. Margaret

    Smell! This stuff almost makes my eyes water when I take a sniff. Incredibly pungent, intense hazy smell; tangy and sharp with zesty/chemicals(in a good way) undertones. The taste is similar, sour at first but with a sweet, full-bodied after taste The high is fast-acting and intense, incredible Sativa style uplifting effect and you can soon find yourself mental alertness due to the Sativa’s content. Great for getting some friends over and having a smoke, keeps you buzzing but allows for time to pass slowly and keeps you concentrating on what you are doing. Great hybrid, great taste, great high!

  5. Glenn

    I just got my first batch of Amnesia Haze from Close Friends(Thanks Guys!!!) and I say Wow! I’m a big Sativa guy and this is in my top 5 now most definitely. Great Pungent, Lemon scent. Nice Compact, Dense Budz. Upon smoking, unbelievable, very easy and light to smoke can take big pulls & no coughing gives you a great boost of energy and alertness with a nice relaxing body feeling. Gives me the energy to start my day and during work and it just melts the stress & anxiety away. Always puts a smile on my face. A Holy Smokes!

  6. Brad

    Another exceptional season here in Michigan thanks to MJSC. I decided to try something new this year and went with a mixed pack of Amnesia haze, Chocolope, and Big Bud. Could not possibly be happier with the results. The Amnesia Haze is exactly as described. A very tasty, clean euphoric, and uplifting, one of the best I have grown in many years of experience. Between it and Chocolope, I truly can’t decide which is better and plan on growing both these strains next year. The outdoor yield was great, actually better than expected. Thanks for another great crop for three years running. Be advised Amnesia Haze is POTENT!

  7. Geneviève

    Overall my experience was ok. I lost all of my plants except one to **** spraying in my area. I managed to nurse one of the plants back to maturity and was rewarded with an excellent product, just not very much of it. I want to re-order seeds for this year and hopefully, I can buy it when there’s a promo sale. That’s what I like about this website they keep us! I can see an equal benefit on both sides haha. I highly recommend the Amnesia Haze plant. Enjoy every puff of this weed! A great strain.

  8. Will

    I was expecting these girls to be challenging to grow and had zero problems indoors. I had one runt out of seven plants that just remained about six inches tall when it was time to flower. A couple of weeks after the new schedule, she went nuts and ended up being as tall as the tallest plant with the most robust and beautiful foliage of any plant I’ve ever grown!! The yield was phenomenal with the plants exposed to the most concentrated light producing the most. The flowers are still curing, but I’ve made carts from the trim and nugs… holy smokes!!! She’s a super heavy hitter and monumentally great tasting with that awesome lingering lemon scent. Wow. Can’t wait to taste the flowers! And MJSC is always remarkable to do business with. First-class all the way. Thanks, guys!

  9. Karine

    As a 1st time buyer, I only ordered 5 seeds. They were intercepted and quickly replaced them. I only planted one and it sprouted easily. I used the wet paper towel method and planted the seed and the piece of the towel into a mix of worm castings, steer manure, and potting soil into an eighteen-gallon Walmart plastic barrel. The seed was planted on 7/20 and now it is 11/4 and the plant has thrived in the hot SW US weather. The buds are fantastic and smell wonderful. I clipped off a few pieces of bud, dried them out and the verdict is in. Wonderful product and I will be ordering again!

  10. Marie-Pier

    I just wanted to thank you for sending me a new order after the disastrous beginning that I had earlier. The seeds that I planted germinated within three days, which is what I usually see in most seeds. The most remarkable thing that I have noticed was that the Gold Leaf plants that I have growing have overtaken the plants that were in the ground three weeks prior! The tropical weather that we have been having here has been a blessing for these plants. By contrast, the Amnesia Haze plants have been growing much slower, but they are doing just fine, and are now about one foot tall. Even at this stage the smell really spicey. Can’t wait until October! and I certifiably am impressed with the results I’m getting so far. Thank You once again!

  11. Robert

    Paid for 3. Now, these beans are specific. Before the 20-day mark looks like wing spans I’m not easily impressed with the tiny tiny packaging but it did get here correct ., and on time. I have enjoyed nurturing these already in there really doing well. I love the site the info please sale sell one seed at a time, not a huge budget, and loves varieties with many thanks. If you buy multi-packs plant them before you lose them or misplaced them. It’s interesting the crosses mines got with amnesia haze fem. It’s 5 stars!

  12. Natalie

    All ten germinated, 8 within 24hours, 2 within 72. Very healthy, under 16hours of light., in very rich potting soil, ladies are loving life. One went outdoors, native soil is taking off like a champ in Hawaiian light, one-month-old and beautiful branching, very consistent, can’t wait to try some Maui Wowie. The order took 6 business from payment to delivery. I am very happy, the gold leaf will be next, only so much space in the grow room, Amnesia Haze is worth it. BTW, I have one mutant who has super wrinkled leaves, short and stubby, almost round, looks very odd, I’m hoping it will continue its leaf structure into flowering, which would make trimming a breeze. T- 30 days till lights go to flowering, hoping for a 100day total growth. And so far it looks like it will hit that no problem. Will I use Amnesia Haze again? Most definitely!

  13. Janice

    I had this strain as an edible once, let me tell you if you have never had this as an edible, get ready to enter literal paradise on earth. It feels like you are riding a high that transitions through all of the various parents that came to create this strain. I remember staring at the computer screen and there was this afterglow and I was at complete peace with the world and everyone/thing in it. the munchies, food will taste incredible like you never thought the food could taste, insatiable hunger. and the orgasms. well. you will have to try it yourself and find out. Must TRY!

  14. Grant

    It’s awesome great strain! A true mind fuck though, when I smoked it I was with one of my mates and his friend came along and thought it would be funny to “mind fuck” me. He’s a prick and that’s all that needs to be said about him. But a great strain, it gives you an amazing buzz, but it did make me paranoid after a while, a lot more than other strains I have tried. But it just mainly made me feel like I was In a dream, I had a few mild hallucinations, I was giggly and it’s an overall I love it!

  15. Christopher

    This is one of my favorite strains of all time. I was looking through a small local store and saw that this was advertised as a “strong Sativa dominant hybrid that is floaty, cerebral, euphoric, creative”, and was supposed to taste like lemon citrus, all of these things advertised were exactly right and it was the best I ever spent. It was frosted with trichomes, smelled almost like fruity pebbles, with lemon, plus a little more citrus taste when smoked. Delicious, and exactly my kind of high. I wish we had more of this around the US legally. It’s a knockout!

  16. Barbara

    It is a bud that pulls you by your bootstraps and forces your smile up to your forehead. Now though this may or may not be an exaggeration, it does what is promised well. This strain is a dark green trichome dynasty wrapped in bold orange hairs. Amnesia Haze brings on inner warmth/happiness while a calm euphoric buzz brings focus and creative sparks. I had vaporized this in flower and I almost got a cantaloupe sort of taste throughout the session. This strain would be one for people wanting that Sativa boost without the crash and burn. The couches call is no longer one you have to answer. Those who suffer from depression, chronic migraines, or have trouble eating, get your hands on this now!

  17. Patrick

    Amnesia Haze smoked with tobacco The trip: I have the feeling my head floats and while listening to good trance music, it’s hella intense, just epic awesomeness. I hear my cats purring and when drinking I can feel the liquid go down into my stomach all the way. On antidepressants and neuroleptics, you can’t feel euphoria, but still, I’m smiling the whole time. I also feel very relaxed and could just drift away. But then there is so much which is interesting. Now it’s time for a cheeseburger 🙂 This gives you munchies. I will recommend this to all my friends!

  18. Cynthia

    It’s a perfect morning strain. I’m not normally one for Sativas because they tend to make me too up and anxious but I like Amnesia Haze a lot. I get the right amount of energy. One bowl (about 20 hits) makes me feel clear-headed, energetic, motivated, and happy but I’m still relaxed. Another bowl of the same size makes my head feel lightheaded but not dizzy and increases the effects I already felt. I’m a full-time student and this strain helps me do my homework, which is often daunting. This is a creeper so be careful when you first smoke it. It took about ten to 15 minutes to feel the full effects. I would easily buy this again!

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