Afghan Kush Feminized

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Afghan is a classic pure indica strain, known as the backbone of the marijuana industry. It is a landrace that grows small at only 60 cm but can produce up to 450 grams/square meter indoors and up to 600 grams/plant. It is an earthy, flowery, and sweet strain that can remedy depression, anxiety, and all kinds of pain.

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More About Afghan Kush

Dense and Sturdy High-end Cannabis Strain

Afghan Kush feminized seed is highly beneficial in terms of medicine used with an amazing short flowering time that only lasts up to 55 days. It is a pure Indica cannabis variety that came from the mountain part of the Hindu Kush in the hollow area of Amu Darya River. It is ideal for growing even those beginners because of its high resistance to pest and moisture-like diseases such as molds. It grows into a very dense and sturdy plant that has high yielding productivity of a high-end cannabis strain product.

Growing it indoors can possibly obtain a yield of up to 450 grams every square meter. While outdoors, by the harvesting period during late September, each plant of Afghan Kush can produce great buds that reach up to 600 grams. With its high THC level of 14 to 19 percent, this cannabis strain is ideal for more seasoned smokers. Smoking the Afghan Kush may taste like a hardwood with a hit of Afghan hash and generate a very relaxing agitation even when consumed with a high dosage.

3 reviews for Afghan Kush Feminized

  1. Alexandra Wylde

    I was so inspired by friends to grow. So I chose this strain for my startup. I purchased only 5 seeds for now. And they grow healthy, so big. I love its flowerings too. What a blooming plant for me. Kinda big help for my anxeity. Thanks for the quality product of yours!

  2. Willow

    Always one of my favorite strains. Been smoking for 20+ years and never knew I was a die-hard indica fan but as Vonnegut said “so it goes”. I have and always have had extreme anxiety. Prescriptions were horrible. Benzos didn’t work. Alcohol didn’t work. CBD alone didn’t work. Even heroin didn’t work. Sativa made it exponentially worse. I honestly thought I was bound for suicide until Illinois legalized it and I realized what did work. It was the last possible thing I thought would mediate the problem, my old stand-by, weed. Thank god for this wonderful creature! I will purchase more seeds soon.

  3. Jaxon

    This strain hits smoothly and after the test is amazingly sweet, I suffer from PTSD and severe depression disorder on top of anxiety. I also have lower back pain from getting an epidural. I smoke this to ease the pain and help calm my nerves and so far it’s helped a lot. I’m growing Afghani Kush Fem indoors. Only 2plants. Been about a month now. They are quite stalky so been putting them outside to get some breeze. Just transplanted them. Also, you will get a lazy feeling and be incredibly hungry after smoking this one. I love it! my body feels amazing and you will get tired. Thanks!

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