Amnesia Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Amnesia Kush Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-sativa cannabis strain that grows very tall, up to 250 cm high. It can produce high yields up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 800 grams per plant outdoors. This is a citrus, earthy, lemony, and spicy strain with an energetic focused, relaxing and euphoric high.

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More About Amnesia Kush

Pure Class Hybrid

Amnesia Kush is a feminized cannabis seed that comes from the combination of an Amnesia Haze with an OG Kush with 15 to 20 THC levels. Crossing such two great strains develop an easy-to-grow and quick flowering Sativa-dominant feminized hybrid that grows into a strong and very powerful kind. An enormously heavy yield and a lemonish taste are some of the great features that are offered by these high-quality feminized seeds.

Amnesia Kush plant produces a medium-sized plant with a medium distance in each node. Growers that are looking for a high-quality that offers a high potential and invigorating effects with an excellent high number of yield will unquestionably love these feminized seeds. It thrives very well indoors but more so outdoors that has continental Mediterranean-like climates. Having an optimal condition when cultivating it outdoors, it grows as high as a tree. It will surely offer an excellent outcome if it is given a rich nutrient source and a good amount of light. Those who love the features of Amnesia will also fall for this excellent plant with Kush characteristics.

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8 reviews for Amnesia Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Sterling

    Strong and pungent with a woody after smell! Its tall stature, although several Indica traits are also notable. In exchange for just a little attention, the plant grows vigorously, producing plenty of dense, resinous buds. I like the wild citrusy and Kush aroma of OG Kush along with a touch of Haze. After basking in the mind-clearing euphoria, prepare to unwind on the couch as the relaxing finish subdues the mind and body with calmness and tranquility. While it’s not overwhelming enough to cause a couch lock, you may be unable to perform strenuous activities. It’s recommended to plan the day accordingly to ensure all important tasks are completed before lighting up. STRESS-FREE!

  2. Steve

    I can say that only one thing on this variety, it is splendid nothing more, it suits for everyone anyway used but you passed by all the states, funny, creative and after as the long hard effects you spend a great night and overpriced well for the pains of the head and back, I recommend it all you do not squeeze on very good taste, a great, thanks to you and continue like this, next year I’ll try more. The other effect is hard long c is for sleep and migraines especially I count on you to advise me on my choice thanks!

  3. Karen

    An exceptional plant on all levels. Grown under 400w has its stretch is impressive, flowering at 15 cm in height, it exceeds 1.30 m at the end of the flow (dominance Sativa) for my part the harvests are colossal 100 g minimum per plant indoor (1.10 g per watt on average). The Amnesia Kush has citrus and earthy, spicy flavors. The effect is cerebral and very long-lasting, best to use during daytime and for occasional smokers because it has a very high level of THC. I highly recommend this champion. Congratulations to you for this magnificent variety and thank you for continually surprising us!

  4. Patricia

    Hi, everyone and Team! Just to say that this variety is a bomb!! Already fond of all Haze varieties, but this Amnesia Kush is a marvel for Fans of Amnesia and Kush. I tested it outdoors and when it came out and I can tell you that at home with the humidity and the wayward weather, it made me my biggest harvest (3 meters high for 650 grams of compact and resinous heads) and a taste of lemonish, I highly recommend this strain to all my friends! And this company did a super job continue so I stay true to your seeds.

  5. Wendy

    One of the best, most beautiful, and yielding richest plants I have ever had. The taste is something that is rarely found in my area. Extremely orange-citrus-like tasting and smelling. The buds are poison green, nicely firm, and are good heavy. The yield outdoor in a 25-liter pot from mid-May to mid-September approximately. 300g but wonderful coffee shop material. But could shed several kilos at good phenotype in larger pots or soil. Logically, she needs love and good dealings. In any case, observe the PH value. Very Sativa is heavy. In the morning for coffee no problem. No red eyes and more than functional. I will order at least 10 seeds at the next grow to secure a nice phenotype!

  6. Darren

    Hi farming friends, I am not to put many comments on cannabis seed websites but this time I had to do it because this strain deserves it. Amnesia kush, few strains have left me with my mouth open as this outdoors an authentic producer of flowers such as stones, resinous and very pleasant aroma with a haze aroma and background haze kush very rich to the palate very dense smoke and very powerful effect recommended for users with high tolerance to very euphoric THC at first until reaching a relaxation to de-stress completely Recommended to 100 %. A great strain!

  7. Heather

    Let me tell you that now I begin to enjoy the wonders that this new variety of can offer you. Its outdoor presentation is beautiful, sublime I would say, great work for its harvest and enjoyment is unmatched, a cerebral effect at the beginning that then produces a harmonious impulse that animates and ignites you, finally give you a body relaxation. I think it was one of the successes of the selection of strains from the past crop, and thanks to its great production, it will accompany the criteria for a new period. Its Sativa predominance will activate anyone! Worth trying strain.

  8. Troy

    I have been smoking and enjoying this wonder for a few years and will certainly get it right, intoxicated its kush flavor, I have tried some types of kush that have seemed very very earthy to me… They end up packing like sweet drinks, but this beautifulness has the characteristics of entering the house with a very intense flavor to the ground but when we pour the smoke and taste it well leaves us a very haze flavor, with citric notes, at least in the phenotype that I have tasted the most, that of my great friend also X.(that Miguel!! Hahahaha), I can tell you that only some of us know that it is an amnesia kush, the rest is thought to be another variety for the theme of the competition, but believe me that it is undoubtedly one of the varieties that repeated year after year in your garden!

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