Bubba White Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


The Bubba White strain’s genetic mixture and other growing information are still not known to the public. However, it does not hide the fact that this Indica-dominant strain offers a relaxing and uplifting effect that keeps smokers in a tranquil state.

The auto-flowering feature of the Bubba White Auto results in a stronger plant and a quicker flowering time. The plant no longer needs to depend on the light cycle, and fresh buds can be harvested in batches.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Bubba White Autoflowering?

When the Bubba White is lit, it exudes a fresh aroma as a combination of pine and a skunky scent fills the room. Once inhaled, it releases a thick yet smooth smoke that does not induce cough. A creamy, earthy, and sweet flavor profile initially fills the taste buds. On exhale, it releases a diesel-like taste on the mouth.

Leaning slightly on the Indica side of the spectrum, this strain offers a euphoric yet relaxing feeling to the smokers. It puts them in a happier and lighter atmosphere, which is great when consumed with friends during social gatherings. As it induces an overall tranquil effect, it is best to consume this strain after a stressful day or before bedtime.

What are the Medical Benefits of Bubba White Autoflowering?

Marijuana strains like the Bubba White are known to contain medicinal properties. They can now be used to alleviate some mental and physical conditions and offer recreation at the same time. Its mood-enhancing effect is beneficial in clearing out negative thoughts and emotions that are common among individuals with depression and anxiety.

Individuals who have insomnia can use this strain as an alternative to sleeping pills as it has soothing properties that help users sleep better at night.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Bubba White Autoflowering 

The Bubba White comes with side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth that can still occur despite low doses. These conditions can be prevented by hydrating the body before any session. High doses can still be harmful to individuals who have a low tolerance for the THC component, as doing so leads to heightened anxiety, dizziness, headache, and nausea.

How to Grow Bubba White Autoflowering 

Not much information is known on the cultivation process of the Bubba White Auto. However, proper monitoring and high maintenance are still essential for the plant to flourish better. The Bubba White Auto is a medium-sized plant that delivers a medium amount of yield. 

When grown indoors, the Bubba White flowers within 56 to 70 days. In an outdoor setting, this plant prefers to be in a warm, dry, and not too humid environment. It is important to have proper air circulation to prevent the buildup of moisture.


Bubba White Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Indica (50%), Sativa (40%), Ruderalis (10%)
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8 to 10 Weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: Medium
Flavors: Creamy, Sweet, Earthy, Pine, and Skunk
THC Level: up to 19%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds


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