Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Crystal Autoflowering is an Indica-leaning hybrid from three different genetics. The fruity taste, and aroma, and a sense of euphoria from Skywalker, the happy feeling of Kiwi, and Crystal Candy’s delicious candy-like flavor and gorgeous appearance. This deliciously sweet strain contains a 15% THC level, perfect for recreational use and a therapeutic one. It relieves various symptoms, whether mild or chronic. 

The sweet-smelling buds are large with crystalline trichomes that flower fairly fast and produce medium to high yields. The plant’s growing difficulty is designed for average and savvy growers as it requires more knowledge and attention for better results.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

For lovers of sugary sweet weeds, Crystal is created just for you. It is known for its fruity sweetness of melon and strawberry candies. The aroma and taste are both appetizing and will excite and satisfy your senses. The strain has balanced cerebral and physical effects. It is energizing, soothing, relaxing, and induces positivity all over you. People who want to take advantage of its energizing and uplifting high may take it in the morning, then a few tokes in the evening to end the day with a deeply relaxed body.

What are the Medical Benefits of Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

The Crystal Autoflowering strain produces a calming, smooth, and relaxing effect that patients with chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, muscle spasms, and other body aches can benefit from. The energizing and positive vibes that this strain produces are also advantageous to patients experiencing stress, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. It also has the ability to boost the appetite, helping those suffering from nausea, appetite loss, and vomiting. It can also lead to a couch lock if taken in a higher dose. The sedative effect is a great alternative over sleeping pills for the insomniacs.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Crystal Autoflowering may have a moderate THC level, but there are few unfavorable effects produced by this strain. Cottonmouth and dry eyes are common side effects, which are mild and easily remedied by drinking more fluids and applying eye drops. It is advisable to consume in low dosage, especially for new users.

How to Grow Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds?

Crystal strain has a small to medium stature. It measures around 70-130 cm at most after the 9-10 weeks flowering time. The process of growing is appropriate for breeders with a bit of experience in marijuana cultivation. Crystal Auto performs indoors or outdoors and provides impressive yields for hardworking ones.

Indoor growing can apply the Screen of Green (SCRoG) method to optimize its full potential. This aromatic plant will require optimal levels of temperature and relative humidity to thrive and improve bud production. The harvest is expected to reach between medium to heavy yields of huge buds coated in thick crystal resin. For outdoor cultivation, the plant prefers a dry and warm area with abundant sunlight. By October, expect to collect high yields per plant that can last until the next harvest season.


Crystal Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Skywalker x Crystal Candy x Kiwi
Flowering Period: 9-10 weeks
Climate: Sunny / Temperate / Mediterranean
Yield: Medium – High
Flavors: Sweet, Candy, Strawberry, Melon
THC Level: 15%
CBD Level: 0.1%
Height: 70-130 cm
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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