Diesel High CBD Marijuana Seeds

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Diesel Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant strain with energetic, relaxing, focused, and uplifting high. This is citrus, grape, diesel, and grapefruit-flavored strain that you can also use for migraines, depression, inflammation, arthritis, stress, and anxiety. This strain is tall growing 300 cm tall and growing 950 grams of yield per plant outdoors and up to 475 grams per square meter indoors.

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10 Seeds$65.00
25 Seeds$135.00

More About CBD Diesel

Stinky Smelling But Heavy Yielding

One of the most favorite strains in the cannabis industry, the CBD Diesel, possesses lots of remarkable qualities that both smokers and growers prefer in their cannabis weed. A combination of different potent cannabis strains, the CBD Diesel has a strain that exhibits a deep body relaxation that even beginners will enjoy.

For users who enjoy having a long hit, the CBD Diesel comes with a lemony pine and sweet taste. The most common effects of this strain exhibit couch lock and are perfect consume after a long and tiring day. When consumed in large doses, the CBD Diesel can knock out even the most seasoned users within an instant.

When this strain is grown, one of the most noticeable things is that the cannabis comes with a pungent yet sweet aroma. It is filled with dark-colored leaves with lighter colored nugs. These buds are filled with long and curly orange pistils, with glitter-covered foliage. In the 9 to 10 weeks that it takes to finish the growing, 460 to 600 grams of yield is produced.

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds

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  1. Baptiste Querry

    A little confusing from the start because I am a beginner, but the CSR lady help me out through it. Thanks for that. So I started with only 5 seeds. My seeds germinated and sprouted. At its 2nd week, I have 20 inches plant. All amazing. Just got one question here, When is the perfect time to harvest? Thanks!

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