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Galaxy Autoflowering is a powerful hybrid that is a result of crossing Afghani x Northern Lights x Ruderalis. While it has an average THC content of 16%, as a result, it’s a potent smoke with a solid physical high. This plant is highly relaxing, making you want to lift your feet and find a comfortable spot where you can unwind and clear your mind of profound thoughts. 

It has a piney, earthy smell, but it quickly mixes into something a little more complex. A pleasant and candy-like flavor emerges, making for an entertaining combination – particularly for a late-night smoke. Many patients appreciate Galaxy Auto for its ability to help them handle a variety of conditions more effectively. This strain can help people with chronic stress boost their quality of life by making them feel more comfortable and less bothered by a constant feeling of anxiety.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana?

Galaxy Auto has a sweet flavor that matches its scent. On the inhale, it leaves an unmistakable sweet pine taste on your lips, with spicy and sweet notes that linger. This strain has herbal undertones to it, as well as an undeniably pungent flavor.

Galaxy Auto has a very fragrant and distinctively sweet fragrance that will transport you to a mountain field of flowers. This flower will entice you with its floral tones and earthy, spicy, and enticing personality, and when you smoke it, it will produce an irresistible cloud around you.

This marijuana has dreamy and drowsy effects is all over it, and it often transports users to a blissful, altered reality in which they can be peacefully comfortable and physically lazy. Because of this filled letting go, it’s better to consume Galaxy Auto marijuana after the sun has set, rather than during the day, to appreciate these powerful indica qualities fully.

Users have recorded psychoactive effects that place a faint glow over the world and make life look more vivid. The Galaxy Autoflowering strain has a natural propensity to trigger pleasure and lots of genuine smiling.

What are the Medical Benefits of Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana?

The Galaxy strain is firmly recommended and is one of the most potent hybrids available, making It’s a potent sedative strain. It is often used to alleviate the symptoms of depression and stress. Many people use it to get a heavy body high while also weakening their chronic pain chains. And the powerful appetite-stimulating properties are used to aid people with eating disorders like anorexia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana

Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana can have some adverse side effects, particularly when taken in high doses. Afghani will dehydrate you, leaving you cases of cottonmouth, itchy eyes, and a parched feeling. Other side effects, such as mild dizziness, are possible with Galaxy auto strain, mainly if you are a new smoker. You can also experience a mild headache after consuming this strain, as well as a brief bout of paranoia that usually passes quickly. If you’re a first-time consumer, you should be aware of the flower’s secret strength.

How to Grow Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana

Adding to the Galaxy Autoflowering strain’s already long list of benefits, it’s also a breeze to develop, with high resistance to pests, pathogens, bugs, mildew, fungus, and more. It’s also easy to grow in either an outdoor and indoor setting, and it only grows to a medium height.

All of these factors combine to make it one of the best cannabis strains to cultivate, particularly if you’re new to marijuana cultivation and want low-maintenance, tasty ganja. When growing Galaxy Auto outdoors, it’s critical to provide the right conditions for it to thrive. Cultivation thrives in a humid, balmy Mediterranean climate.


Galaxy Autoflowering Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Hybrid
Genetics Parents: Afghani x Northern Lights
Flowering Period: 7 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Dry, and Sunny
Yield: 550 gr/m2 indoors/  40 – 150 gr. per plant outdoors
Flavors: Piney, Earthy, Sweet
THC Level:
CBD Level:
Harvest Period:
Growing Difficulty:

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds


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