Gelato Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Gelato Marijuana Seeds is a mostly-indica strain with high THC at 22 percent, making it very calming, creative, energetic, focused, and relaxing. This is a heavy yielder and early bloomer with berry, blueberry, citrus, earthy, woody, and orange-flavored buds. You can use this strain for anxiety, arthritis, migraines, nausea, muscle spasms, stomach aches, and stress.

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More About Gelato (Regular)

Sweet Heavy Yielding Strain

Considered as a favorite among people who are tolerant of consuming higher levels of THC, the Gelato is one of the best strains that you can go for. Made from crossing the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies to the Sunset Sherbet, the Gelato is truly a strain that can boast a delectable flavor profile. In terms of potency, this strain is not too shy to show their true colors at a range of 18 percent to 25 percent THC levels.

If you are seeking to cultivate this strain at home, you should take note of the following. The Gelato is Indica-dominant, but it can grow up to 6 feet in height. The flowers of this plant are decorated with frosty white resin. But growers can use different training techniques to control the plant’s growth and maximize all the yields.

The flowering period usually ends at 8 to 9 weeks, with an average growth of 500 grams worth of buds per square meter. Outdoors, the numbers can reach 700 grams per plant.

5 reviews for Gelato Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Andre Rogers

    I am amazed by the speed of growth and especially by the quantity of flowers. Looking forward to a couple of weeks to check out that smell and taste! I have great experience with this grow of mine and I recommend this strain to everyone.

  2. Crook

    This strain continues to stay in my top 3!!! I start on this strain in the early evening and on through dinner and bed. Very relaxing and calming. A happy grin is usually present non-stop. I’m still able to be productive and want to move around. There is couch-locked here of course that I can fell asleep which I cannot notice, but I like it the most no more sleepless nights to me. It grew about average -size plants and flowered in 9 weeks. It has immunity to pests and diseases. Big thumbs up! I’m gonna order more seeds soon.

  3. Jarais

    I made this review to share my experience! These are probably the best seeds I cultivate, got yields about 380 grams worth of buds in my backyard. When I started smoking this nighttime I have noticed a change in who I am. I now have a lot more of a positive outlook on life in general. I am motivated to get up on another day and do things throughout that day. It has helped me become confident in who I am and also helped me become even more creative. I recommend this strain to anyone who is trying to get better rest!

  4. Ledet

    This is truly a remarkable strain that has proven to have knockout potency every single time I use her. It mellows me out slowly and allows me to fall asleep peacefully. I feel like this strain was customized for me. Since I have a problem with sleep which we call insomniac. It has berries, woody, and orange flavor that is not super harsh on the lungs. I grew it outdoor, which provides me a heavy yield of a beautiful, tasty bud with a most relaxing and uplifting high. Thanks, website for this kind of like sleeping meds stuff! Moree seeds, please 🙂

  5. Allison

    Omg, what is not to love about this strain!!! It isn’t easy to find, but if you can find it, order it. It won’t disappoint! My family loves me medicating with this strain. It makes me feel like a college kid again in my prime. It seriously boosts my self-esteem through the roof and gives me confidence. Like a little pal on your shoulder saying, you got this!!! This strain makes me so creative, focused, energetic (with NO paranoia), and in a fabulous mood! It’s a perfect balance and not too heavy to focus on. Anyway, after 8 weeks, I get generous yields of medium-sized dense buds of this strain and I grew it in my beautiful wide garden. Plus the blueberry, citrus flavor is perfect!

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