White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds

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White Widow Marijuana Seeds is a classic beauty, a backbone of most of the strains we know and love today. It has high THC at 22 percent, making it very relaxing, euphoric, and calming. It is a small plant but can produce the best yields. You will also love its earthy, pine, pungent, and woody-flavored strain.

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More About White Widow (Regular)

Trust The Classic

Made famous for its awe-inspiring resin production, the White Widow is a strain that is loved and continually used all over the world. With a THC level averaging from 18 percent to 25 percent, this strain can deliver an enjoyable burst of energy and euphoria to the user. It makes the users quite talkative and longing for socializing. But as it dries down, the user will feel a sudden relaxation felt from head to toe.

Taking on the challenge of growing cannabis plants on your own is something that can be easy when you use White Widow buds. It is pretty straightforward, and the plant is known to be able to withstand environmental changes and some challenges.

The flowering stage is completed within 7 to 9 weeks, and it rewards the grower with a harvest worth of 500 grams of delicious sticky buds per square meter. Outdoor growing can allow the White Widow to grow up to 6 feet tall, with harvests of up to 600 grams per plant.

6 reviews for White Widow Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Zackary Gonzales

    The website was easy to navigate, where you can check all the kind of seeds available. I can say, they are all the best, but this strain is one of the strongest and unique one. Lovable plant, and awesome leaves. I can’t resist on keep on growing because they are all good! Thanks!

  2. Felce

    The high could be described as poisonous. A very slow creeping process which that spreads throughout my body until I am in a complete euphoric state (almost narcotic at times depending on your tolerance and experience). Another is I felt creative and happy but not stupid giggly. This is my daytime use. Also not crazy munchies but some cottonmouth in high-quality use… The smell is interesting a mix of tangy and spicy with earthy citrus kind of undertones if that makes any sense but tangy. I have grown 5 seeds in my garden, reach 5 feet of height, collected about 420 grams per plant. Highly recommended!

  3. Garry

    The Euphoric effect from this strain is pretty insane, I have never felt so “light” in my body in my entire life. It was a very uplifting experience and I would recommend this strain for everyone that is depressed, suffer from anxiety, or just need to relieve some pressure and calm down 🙂 I cultivated my 10 seeds outdoors, 5 of them sprout great in just 8 weeks. I was able to harvest about 450 grams per plant of yields. The buds are light/dark mottled green with orange hairs. Overall this would be a good strain for almost anything, relieving pain, nausea, stress, etc! Thanks, MJSC.ca.

  4. Inman

    White Widow is my Favorite Wake & Bake strain! It has this fast-hitting wave of Creativity and Euphoric Energy that is perfect with a Cup of tea! This burst of energy helps me focus on morning projects with an open creative mind. As the energy starts to subside I feel relaxed and ready to read the morning newspaper. I have mine indoors, in my spacious room since it is a small plant. I was able to harvest about 300 grams per square meter of delicious sticky buds. It’s were on the smaller side but still covered in lovely crystals. The best experience I tried!

  5. Helie

    Have I mentioned I LOOOOVE this strain? Well, I do. Lucky me I found this stuff on the mjsc.ca website and bought 10 seeds to cultivate. I choose to grow outside my house in a warm climate. I got the best yields of around 430 grams per plant of bud in as early as 7 weeks! WOW, amazing growth! On the exhale, I feel wonderful all the pain is gone, the stress and anxiety are gone, the depression is way gone. It is a crazy, must-try strain for anyone who needs to be knocked off their feet and escape stress. You won’t regret it!

  6. Holton

    Forgot what I was gonna say… like I said… amazing! I’ve been smoking this strain for about 6 months now. It is my favorite I wanna even say the best in my opinion. This is my daytime herb, I grew this in my backyard and reach about 3 feet tall, produce of around 480 grams per plant. I mainly smoke it for pain, but I like to game on it too. I feel focused and energized and am getting very creative, not only in my online game trolling techniques but in little projects I do. Everything is just the most awesome thing in the world with this strain. No paranoia or anxiety either! My wife loves it too!

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