Gorilla Glue Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Gorilla Glue Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a steep 26 percent THC. It is a tall plant at 190 cm high and can produce up to 600 grams per square meter indoors and up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. You will love its relaxing, sleepy, and euphoric effects with coffee, chemical, earthy and pungent flavors.

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More About Gorilla Glue Regular

If You Are Looking For Something Sticky, This Is It

An award-winning strain that most growers can’t say no to, the Gorilla Glue is a strain that boosts flavor, aroma, and power that makes cannabis aficionados come back for more. With amazing amounts of extremely sticky resin, the Gorilla Glue is very famous for being as sticky as most adhesives and a potency that can go as high as 32 percent THC.

Growing this strain is a good choice because this strain does not demand too much from its cultivator. It can flourish in different kinds of growth areas, and it will generously provide overflowing resin; it is nugs. With this strain, it is truly the stickier, the better.

In terms of the scent, the Gorilla Glue has traces of diesel, coffee, and chocolates. It has an earthy undertone, which is also quite sweet, providing strong stability to this potent strain. For its taste, the Gorilla Glue is a mix of woody, earthy, chocolate, and coffee, too.

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4 reviews for Gorilla Glue Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Beckett

    I feel really good right now. It’s a calm high, body and head. I’m not feeling any couch lock but the night is young. I probably won’t get the glue to the couch as the reviews here suggest but it will help me sleep well for sure. There are two special things I like about Gorilla Glue (Reg). First, this is one of the smoothest smokes I’ve ever had. The second is the No coughing effect. I was surprised with the tastes ‘piney’, or like citrus. I cultivate this plant outdoors under the sun, I got around 500 grams per plant of yield after 8 weeks. I will keep buying this strain. 10/10!

  2. Hazel

    Great buds, Great herbal fragrance, shit almost feels like you are taking a walk in a garden. creativity levels get incredibly high during my experience. Well, it’s chocolatey, it’s coffee, it’s euphoric. I can say that I made a good choice because it is easy to cultivate does not demand too much effort to grow. This strain has enough THC level that can give me a deep high and releases stress muscle pains. But after a while those feelings, I had a dry mouth and the munchies pretty bad but it was okay. I recommend that new users go easy on this strain. I’m going to have some more of this!

  3. Bieber

    This is godsent for me as I am suffering from depression. It helps me to experience my true self and to experience joy, peace, and laughter. It uplifts me into a very positive dimension. What a relief to rise above the dark cloud of depression and to see the light of life again. It this also great for when I need sleep and have headaches. I have grown mine in the backyard, I yield about 500 grams per plant of truly sticky buds in 8 weeks. I puff this recently and enjoyed it. Amazing flavors, but the smell can overwhelm a bit. I would purchase it again!

  4. Chalut

    This stuff is amazing. I’m higher than wiz khalifa on Mount Everest flying a kite! But I’m not paranoid, I feel relaxed and happy and I’m just living life! Mann… I am off because of enough high THC level of this strain. I decided to grow this indoor at the right temperature. It produces generously overflowing resin buds, of around 540 grams per square meter yields. I Love this herb, another effect that I noticed was it has helped with my depression and pain more than anything else I have ever tried. I will forever be loyal to you my Gorilla Glue promise!

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