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Agent Orange Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with heavy yields. It is a tall strain growing from 200 to 300 cm high and can produce up to 500 grams per plant outdoors. It can make you energetic, focused, relaxed, hungry, and talkative. It is also a strain for conditions like stress, cramps, muscle spasms, migraines, fatigue, and depression.

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More About Agent Orange Regular

A Friend To Help You Beat Boredom

Though it received its name from a chemical warfare tool during the Vietnam War, Agent Orange is a strain with exceptional characteristics that you can enjoy, especially if you love powerful and stimulating strains. Made from the union of the Jack the Ripper to the Orange Velvet, this strain has a sweet lemon flavor that eases your worries and stresses away. This strain also has physical effects that help its users deal with body aches and eating disorders.

Planting this strain can result in a harvest of 600 to 70 grams per square meter when indoors while providing a harvest of 700 grams per plant when grown outdoors. The buds that it produces come with a THC level of 12 to 16 percent. These buds come with a swirling fragrance of sweet lemons. In terms of taste, the flavors are lemon, sugar, sour, cheese, and spice.

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9 reviews for Agent Orange Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Dralle

    WOW! This strain is wonderful for chilled-out daytime use (in my opinion). Usually a Sativa, for me, makes me want to be active and makes my neck and shoulders feel kinda tight. When I puff, that sweet orange flavor combined with the instant euphoric rush makes me feel like I’m inhaling pure sunshine. I plant this strain indoors, reach about 250cm of height and produce 350 grams per square meter of sweet lemon buds. Overall I recommend this strain for people who have muscle spasms and stress because personally for me, it helps me to ease both.

  2. Feeney

    STRAIGHT FIRE! I cultivated 5 seeds in my garden, All germinated well, I collected around 500 grams per plant of yields after 8 weeks. This is one of my new favorite strains, this stuff smells terrific and uplifts mood, unlike other strains that are just heavily head-high. I purchase these seeds on the website has a higher version of Agent Orange Regular. On the second puff, I felt motivated, productive, and finally had an appetite, after almost a full day of feeling no hunger. I only wish I would have smoked a bit more, as I was in a social situation and didn’t want to overdo it. It is worth trying.

  3. Hartt

    I grew this strain indoors, got yields of around 300 grams per square meter. They smelled like a wet dog at first then plants ranged from fresh orange to grapefruit rind smells. The effect was excellent for either socializing with friends or getting out and in touch with nature. Very cerebral! The body high is unreal. I felt like all my limbs were liquid-based, almost like they flowed and moved together so effortlessly. Crazy. Euphoric. I definitely felt more positive the whole time. Too hard to stop the all too obvious stoner grin from forming on my face. Highly recommended!

  4. Kidd

    I recently got some seeds of Agent Orange on the site. I’ve grown outdoor and yields are outstanding, with approximately 600 grams of buds per plant. On the exhale, this is the mildest strain I have ever used. The high isn’t that noticeable. In my opinion, this strain may be good for medical purposes. It leaves me a tiny bit high, but I do not lose any mental functions at all. It smells similar to some kind of cleaner, but it tastes like pure orange juice and pine running down your throat. If you like piney strains, then this is the one for you!

  5. Albert

    I’ve grown mine outdoor, got yields of around 550 grams per plant after 9 weeks. Great looking buds, darker green with lighter green spots, frosted completely. Very nice Sativa smells of sweet orange citrus. Tastes earthy orange and sweet. Heartbeat speed up a bit. It will get me off the couch. When I smoke a couple of puffs last night and was left completely amazed. Great euphoric effect and happiness came out of smoking this strain. I felt no negative effects besides slight dry eyes. I’d purchase more seeds soon and I will recommend this to my friends. So satisfied!

  6. Gloria

    The best for nausea, stress, depression! The effects are a light-focused cerebral effect, including a mild spiciness. My nausea disappeared completely (rare). Pain is dealt with by distraction rather than by direct control. This is an active strain, not a couch-lock one. I grew mine indoors to control the humidity and temperature. After 8 weeks, I harvested about 420 grams per square meter of yield. It’s heavy, more resinous buds. Still a tightly packed, light green Sativa structure. Overall, I use it during the daytime, my get-out, and get things done strain. I never regret ordering these seeds. Thanks, company.

  7. Haby

    It was super balanced and well-rounded! I suffer from depression and anxiety- I have since I was 14. This Sativa-dominant hybrid relieves my depression whilst the other aspects of this strain calm me. On the exhale, I feel uplifted and the taste is pleasant! I’ve had some harsh shit in the past and this tastes much better than other strains I’ve smoked recently. The citrus notes are strong but not to the point where it smells too “sour”. It has just the loveliest hint of citrus 🙂 one I will pick up again for depression! I have mine outdoor and gives me an extremely yield of around 650 grams per plan after 9 weeks.

  8. Gillet

    Great for after school/work, before bed, or just to relax. I would recommend this to any insomniac, or pain patient. I cultivated it outdoor and got fine yields, Almost 530 grams per plant. The buds are light to dark green with patches of dark orange hairs and lots of crystals. The smell is very skunky and pungent. The taste has a hint of citrus but smells almost like the taste. Helped me sleep and relaxed my muscles and relieved whatever pain I had. Made me giggly, creative, very talkative until the body high kicked in then it was straight to the kitchen about 2-3 hours later I slowly fell asleep and slept very well!

  9. Ste Marie

    My daytime strain; somewhat energetic, still has somebody high. I would say it’s in my top 10 for Sativas. A little bit stony, but still functional. The smell and taste are somewhat sweet and reminds me of purple strains in the flavor, or like orange slice smell. I planted it in my little garden, I harvested about 420 grams per plant. A very smooth, little to no cough on almost in my every inhalation. It’s the kind of strain for when I want to get some things done, or play music, create art, etc. Seems like it would be good for depression, it is uplifting! Highly recommended.

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