Grapefruit Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds is a high THC strain with a mostly sativa lineage; it has a high 23 percent THC making it energetic, euphoric, focused, uplifting, happy, and creative; it is a medical strain as it can relieve anxiety, fatigue, stress, depression, migraines, and arthritis. It is a rewarding strain with high yields up to 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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More About Grapefruit Autoflower: Fruity, Fun, and Fast Flowering

A perfect strain for a refreshing morning adventure, the Grapefruit Autoflower can provide the users with a truly refreshing effect. Crossing the original Grapefruit with a Ruderalis, this strain matures quite quickly and is easy to grow. This strain successfully thrives in any given setup, which makes it become more ideal for new growers. If you stick with this, you will be free to reap harvests several times within a year.

Cultivation of the Grapefruit Autoflower can be successfully be harvested within 60 to 65 days from the germination of the seeds. Outdoors, you will be able to reap produce amounting to 80 to 150 grams per plant. Indoors, you will get a harvest of 500 grams per square meter of indoor growing.

The buds that you can reap will possess a bittersweet and citrus aroma. Once this begins to flower, the room will be crowded with a pungent smell. Once you combust these buds, you will be able to enjoy a grapefruit scent and a sweet and sour taste.

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds


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