Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds

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Grapefruit Marijuana Seeds is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain with high THC at 23 percent. This has very creative, energetic, focused, euphoric, uplifted, and happy effects with citrus, earthy, grape, grapefruit, and lemon flavors. It is a faster-flowering strain that can grow in almost all environments as long as there is a temperate or sunny climate.

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More About Grapefruit (Regular)

A Powerful Punch of Euphoria

Named after the fruit where its fragrance and flavor are similar to the Grapefruit has a strong tangy taste with a sweet candy accent that tastes unique, it would be hard to forget it. An advantage of this strain is that it is a perfect strain to consume in the morning for the boost of energy that it provides – beneficial for both medical users and recreational users.

When grown, cultivators might notice that the buds of this strain appear to be shaped like a football. The colors are beautiful light green with bright orange pistils with some bits of purple when the temperatures get a little colder. The plant grows to a compact to medium height, which makes it applicable to any location and medium of growing.

If you would commit to indoor growing, the flowering stage takes about 8 to 9 weeks under the best conditions – producing a harvest amounting to 400 to 500 grams. For growing outdoors, the usual harvest amounts to 300 to 400 grams per plant.

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4 reviews for Grapefruit Regular Marijuana Seeds

  1. Alice

    I can smell why they called it grapefruit; thankfully I love it. Only a few hits (based on tolerance) I could start feeling the effects. It was a very active and pleasant experience. In my opinion one of the best qualities for those who feel uncomfortable talking to other people, or heck, even strangers. The only downside is that it made me a little dizzy and a tad clumsy. A quick brain adjustment was needed to walk without looking like a dork. I grew it outdoor in a sunny climate and I was able to reap around 380 grams per plant of yields in just 9 weeks!

  2. Charlot

    I planted mine outdoor because when I saw the beautiful light green with bright orange pistils. I immediately felt happy and relieved from stress, frustration, and a little bit of depression. When I do walk in my entrance I felt slightly energized and motivated. The air was fresher, interactions with other humans weren’t as annoying as they usually are, and I was very talkative and happy — I was in a very easy-going mood. The smell of this strain is amazing. It’s the fruitiest-smelling flower I have ever come across. The world seemed to be more enjoyable. Overall, this strain was enjoyable all around!

  3. Dennis

    On the exhale, medicinally it KILLS my depression. Also, this strain is the most uplifting I’ve had, with euphoria and a hint of creativity. I grew mine in my backyard, which produces a medium yield of around 430 grams in 9 weeks of flowering time. It is actual grapefruit, the smell is so good, that the citrus smell combined with grapefruit makes this one distinctive. I can say it’s my favorite strain of all, due to how small amounts have a very big effect. Well worth trying if you need to stay focused and full of “GO!” I highly recommended it.

  4. Clavet

    Great fruity taste, stays citrus while remembering the smell of the woods. The effect of powerful and fast-acting eased/comforted anxiety and depression over major life stresses while increasing lucidity of thought, energy, focus, determination, and creativity. Thrives in a warm climate where direct sunlight and produces abundant yields. This is my morning smoke as it boosts my self-esteem and provides me enough energy to accomplish all of my tasks. What an amazing strain! what can I say this is one of my all-time favorite Sativas to smoke. It keeps me coming back! I will recommend this to all my friends too.

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