Bubba Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bubba Kush Feminized strain is an indica-dominant strain known for its very tiny size at only 80 cm tall but can produce amazing yields up to 800 grams per plant outdoors and from 500 to 600 grams per square meter indoors. This strain produces big fat buds with coffee, pine, sweet and earthy flavors.

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More About Bubba Kush Feminized

  • Bubba Kush Feminized is a hybrid of Og Kush and Bubba. This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow and produces a powerful and prolific flowering phase in a short period of time. The manner in which Bubba Kush Feminized is grown, whether indoor or outdoor will have a direct effect on how high the mature plant will be. It is easy to grow and can be cultivated whether indoor or outdoor. The best production yield is typically expected where the region temperature and climate are dry and hot. Indoor grown Bubba Kush Feminized are typically short buildings when grown indoors. But when it is planted outdoors, it could get taller given the right environmental conditions. When planted indoors, the entire planting period lasts for eight to nine weeks and when done outdoors, October would be the best time to collect the extremely sweet green fruits.
  • Overall, this strain produces a low yield but is priced higher because it is considered a connoisseur hybrid strain.
  • Its appearance looks a lot like regular Kush having light green buds highlighted with orange hairs and think leaves. These buds are typically larger and denser.
  • It has an intense scent with a touch of coffee. It grows short to medium-sized plants with a splendid and tough appearance. Some people compare it to having a look at a Christmas tree.
  • The Bubba Kush Feminized strain’s effect is great for people who are having sleep concerns or extreme tiredness. Once used, it helps the body relax to a comfortable numbness. This will encourage sleepiness and eventually bring your body to a relaxed state, thus making you fall asleep easily. It is ideal to be used if you feel like relaxing after a long, difficult day. In addition, doing something like driving or cooking is discouraged while under the influence of this hybrid Kush because the effects are strong and it may not be safe for the smoker to do such activities.
  • It is best to use for managing pain and helping people with insomnia concerns.


Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 300 g/m2
Height : 10 – 36 Inches
Flowering : 8 – 9 weeks
Stone : Strong and Long lasting effect
THC level : 16%
Grow : Easy



17 reviews for Bubba Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. SennetH

    Really easy to grow and incredibly fast. It has dense buds she was super fast and vigorous, and real good producer. It is an almost perfect grow and is an incredibly resilient plant happy with the final result. This strain also provides a very nice nigh time buzz and also relaxing.

  2. Jericho

    Any strain that is part of the OG Kush family you know has to be a good one! It’s one of the easiest you can buy. It suits well for growers of any experience level and is very adaptable to most climates! Very effective with stress, depression, all kinds of physical ailments as well. I feel much better smoking this weed. Recommended to all! Thanks, MJ Seeds Canada for making these seeds available!

  3. Catherine

    Bubba, being pure indica has still both of two worlds! I have never felt such clear indica couching, when you are relaxed to the max and still cerebral of Sativa feeling! Had grown many strains, but this one is probably the best! Being an indica aficionado, still cannot believe that clear line between indica and Sativa feeling! If you think of growing two plants (one indica and one Sativa) simultaneously, I would recommend growing two of these for sure! First, it is very comfortable to grow, especially in a limited space! ill grow it again and again! THE BEST.

  4. Antoine

    If you’re looking for that perfect indica relaxed feeling, this is the plant for you. We just harvested it last month. Very strong earthy smell with a light citrus overtone. Perfect for nighttime. Been helping with my lower back pains. Round nicely spaced buds. trellis is highly recommended. The buds were so heavy by the 8th week that the branches couldn’t hold them up. The best indica I have try and I will always grow and clone it Indoor/Outdoors only look for mold she is very greasy full white trichome everything else is 10/10! I will purchase again this strain soon!

  5. Amanda

    For the kush lovers that like that earthy spicy strong taste, this is the one for you. I’ve been growing for over 15 years, probably close to 60 different strains and this bubba kush is on my top 5 list! As described it’s a short fast grower with very little branching, very Christmas tree-like growth to it, doesn’t respond well to topping so the single main cola-type growth pattern was the best for me. I’ve grown here in both soil and hydro and she does great in both setups! Thanks, MJSC.ca for this stain. I will order more seeds soon.

  6. Jeremy

    Hey guys thanks for the dankness! I received a seed of your bubba kush about a year ago, and have been using this Indica for some time, along with strains from 3 other reputable seed banks, I am not complaining about quality but as for the strain is as true to its description is another thing. A long story short MJSC.ca seeds are by far my favorite seed bank easy to grow and not just drooling over pictures! Every time I grow it gets danker as my experience increases! Thanks, homies, send me shit, please! Great strain.

  7. Chelsea

    If you are looking for top-drawer, sweet-smelling, candied weed with a kick like a mule – hit the buy button now! As well as being a pleasure to smoke, this weed is also a joy to grow. Like many Indicas, it grows short and dense, developing a covering of white trichome as it starts to bud. The effect of this strain on me was helping my body to relaxed after a long day of work. It made me also fall asleep easily. If you are suffering from chronic sleeplessness, this strain can help you have a solid night’s sleep with no side effects to worry about in the morning! I am just really happy using this strain.

  8. Christophe

    Being a heavy Indica strain, it causes mental fogginess from the onset, followed soon after by a heavy couch-lock. Eventually, the hazy effect will disappear, and the horizon will be clear. That doesn’t mean it’s all over, though – the relaxation only intensifies as time ticks by. The moment it’s lit up, you’ll notice a hint of earthiness and a kick of pine. As the smoke starts to diminish, a sweet spiciness lingers in its wake. To get the best results, the plant needs basic TLC and some supplements. Once it goes into full bloom, it provides a big enough yield to share with your nearest and dearest. Try to believe it!

  9. Duane

    I’m a new grower, a long-time smoker. Grown different strains, to start the long Sativas but changed my taste to the Indicas. Since I’m a tech-head I like LEDs. My grow room is with hybrid Lighting. Some industrial Fionia Grow lights (600w draw LEDs) and alongside supplying In full-bloom I have 600watts 400volts HPS’. Got this as a freebie, heard a lot about the Company and the strain. I had quite high expectations…Bubba Kush came through. Exactly as described taste-wise, yield and potency too. You guys got a new customer the hard way. By great quality product, backed by good and valid documentation on the website. First impressions are a sure hit In my end of the docks. Thanks a lot.

  10. Jeff

    I have seen this plant grown indoors with a month of vegetation and what I highlight most of this variety are its dense buds, I think it is the densest thing I have ever seen, the plant is ground and above all stable. Three seeds, three crops under the same conditions. In form, density, effect, taste, and production are almost identical. Excellent for insomnia and anxiety problems, the little aroma when burned or vaporized. Its effect goes from euphoria to maximum relaxation. The price is more than justified by the amount of work invested in its stabilization, which is demonstrated in the stability of the variety. Congratulations!

  11. Sheri

    A great narcotic effect, the crossing of the plant is fantastic! This strain is a very sweet, almost Indica pure variety. The rise of Budda Kush is intense and physical, producing great relaxation in the body. Short stature, broad leaves, is the typical Indica with short internode distance, strong and sweet taste, and narcotic effect that will make you sleep wonderfully after a hard day’s work. I cultivate my 5 seeds in dry climate outdoors and produce big fat buds, harvested about 600 grams per plant on flowering phase in a short period. In other words, it is easy to grow plants that you will not regret purchasing!

  12. Bonnie

    This plant is so good that I just decided to write this review while I roll it up. It smells godlike. It smokes amazing. Grown properly this plant does not make larf. Everything is solid nugs of dank. Yields are average but the quality is beyond amazing. I wouldn’t care if it yielded half of what it does. Got to have BUBBA. The dried buds will stink up any area so be careful. You don’t need to smoke it to be alerted to its presence. Ultra dank. Don’t even mention the effects. 3 joints of Bubba will have the most seasoned tokers sweating. It’s rare to be able to finish a joint in one sitting. Easy to trim thanks to a fantastic calyx to leaf ratio. Given too much light it will foxtail!

  13. Kenn

    I have been keeping a mother of my favorite pheno of this strain from a seed pack from mjsc.ca I got a couple of years. this strain works so well to rid of any pain or anxiety I feel. taste is so hashy and reminiscing of the old school hydro back in high school this kush is amazing and will be one of my picks for as long as I can see. grows short and fat and bushy with fat leaves and nice short node spacing. doesn’t stretch too much in flower just enough to make more room for buds and space the nodes out perfectly. can’t go wrong with this mold and cold-resistant strain!

  14. Kayla

    It’s a great choice for indoor gardens. You won’t regret it if you don’t have a lot of space, or if you want to grow in a closet/cabinet of some sort. The veg phase is noticeably slow, and at first, it made me think if there’s a problem with the strain. However, don’t worry, and as soon as some of the fans leave size up, it’ll start to slowly pick up the pace. It doesn’t yield a whole lot for such an extreme indica, but the buds are rock solid. This is my go-to strain for nighttime. I’m a Sativa enthusiast, but it’s great to have a few Indicas just in case. If you’re suffering some insomnia, or just want a good night’s rest, I highly recommend this strain!

  15. Molly

    Hello, this is a variety that I highly recommend for growers who use cannabis as natural medicine. I suffer from epilepsy, insomnia and I am drug-resistant (anti-epileptics have never worked and sleeping pills no longer work on me). So I had to turn to cannabis when a doctor told me that my seizures could kill me or severely damage my brain since I use cannabis before bed the seizures have completely disappeared and I do almost no more sleepless nights and this variety is especially suitable for therapeutic use especially for insomnia and pain, against the epileptic all varieties work. Thanks to Mjsc.ca for all their varieties of exceptions. BEST STRAIN EVER!

  16. Jacob

    Germination! In an environment with 65% or 65% controlled humidity and a temperature of 24oC, the seeds germinated completely in 3 days, a solid seedling and completely opened in 3 days. No loss on three seeds. all 3 seeds sprouted at the same time 🙂 Growth. I observed on his three young inches a difference on the phenotype, but very vigorous, with a growth rate of the roots at the top. We immediately voice the stocky Indica at first glance after a week of growth. The flowering I come back later post, but it promises:-) Fine work mjsc.ca! Thank you

  17. Matz

    Very relaxing quality, excellent to smoke before sleep or after lunch if you have the opportunity to rest an hour, a very fresh and decisive taste that ranges from undergrowth musk to hints of citrus fruits and broken notes … truly excellent quality! absolutely a quality to try for indica lovers. Honestly, I didn’t know about this plant @Bubba Kush, but I was shocked, it’s beautiful on the view, but it’s when the smoke appreciates every aspect of it, surely from today it becomes part of my top 10 ever. THIS VARIETY SHOULD NOT BE MISSING IN YOUR GARDEN / COLLECTION!

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