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Northern Lights Feminized strain is an indica-dominant cannabis strain known for its quick flowering as early as 6 to 8 weeks and high yields up to 600 grams per plant outdoors. This strain is easy to cultivate and ideal for beginners. It can produce spicy, woody, pine, and sweet buds as long as you cultivate this strain in a temperate or sunny climate.

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  • Northern Lights is one of the well-loved strains around the world because of its quality.
  • It is good for growing outdoors because it can reach up to 5 feet in height. However, Northern Lights can also be grown in an indoor grow set up like the SoG.
  • Northern Lights was once used in breeding to a lot of hybrids which some have won several Cannabis Cup. Some of them are now extinct while others have thrived and are still available in seed banks and are grown by a lot of growers from around the world. If you are a breeder then Northern Lights would be a good mother plant.
  • Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights are the three giants in the modern marijuana world. The combo of the three strains came the very well known Jack Herer.
  • This is very easy to grow thus good for beginners and advance growers alike. This won’t give that heavy yield compared to another marijuana strains out there.
  • It has mostly indica effects which are blended with sativa high effects at the same time.


          If you are new to growing marijuana, then you don’t have to worry about growing Northern Lights Feminized. Advance growers will also love the Northern Lights because it is good for breeding. It has been used for a lot of crossbreeding with a high success rate.

Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor/ Outdoor
Yield : 400 g/m2
Height : 150 cm
Flowering : 56 days
Stone : Indica Body Buzz and Sativa Happy Head High
THC level : 15 – 20%
Grow : Easy

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds

6 reviews for Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. OliverL

    Things went very well pretty impressed with this strain. It grew as I expected, I flowered this plant for 55 days. The buds look amazing, the smell is like a skunky pine with sweet and pungent aromas. I have always loved this strain. The plants produce well and it is very stony.

  2. Nancy

    Worried the life out of me as it was my last plant out of 3. It made it happily to the end and yielded 3.4oz dried Buts are covered in sparkling trichomes like glass. Almost as if it was put in a freezer. Dense frosty buds. Flavour unreal, really nice!! Very superior smoke. Not as much of a couchlock strain as I would have thought. But believe me, it will glue you to your chair if you overdo it. Very good full-on mind and body stone. It is a shame what happened that’s nature for you. MJSC was very kind. Customer service second to none. Sent me out 3 more seeds and gave me a discount code for my next order. I do feel like the hermie was genetic as I can’t think what would have turned them but I would not rule myself out as I’m not a master. We shall see. Still open-minded!

  3. Peter

    I was very impressed with the northern as a younger gardener it was hard for me to get my head around people saying such an old classic was still the best but now I’ve tried and tested it I will be trying a lot more classics and all from seeds and the mixed packet was something else they also all came through I had only 2 small slim Indica’s witch caught up very well by the end and the rest was more than I could have asked for really bushy and more main colas than iv seen on any of mine or my friend gardens. I was wary when buying my seeds so I chose what I thought to be the best option. For the company, they are more than an established name, they are a foundation of the cannabis industry!

  4. Cindy

    I made multiple mistakes during this growth, my first, from growing space construction, to environmental controls, to lighting, to having to transplant rootbound plants while in week 3 of flower (remember that bit about how this is the confession of a schmuck?), to overfeeding, stressing these poor girls out at least six different ways throughout the grow. I patiently waited for ~90% milky trichomes, which took 9 weeks, but then screwed up the drying. To describe the taste feel and smell of this strain is simply impossible. One must experience and embrace it to know what I’m talking about, just do yourself a favor and purchase this strain!

  5. Donna

    I did not need to be paranoid about the smell! I could stand outside the tent with my nose on the zips and not smell a thing! When I opened the doors it took about 10 seconds or so to be aware of any odor. Don’t get me wrong after 10 seconds or so, you could smell a lovely Funky Odor, but it is nothing to worry about compared to other types I have grown in the past. When it is dried, they are nice and dense Buds, and the aroma matures somewhat (but is still not overpowering). The Nugs are covered in trichomes, sparkling like Diamonds under the light. I would recommend this strain to all beginners, as it was easy and problem-free to grow. I would also recommend Northern Lights to anyone concerned about odor. Thanks, as always for fantastic Quality!

  6. Brenda

    The plants were fed once, for the rest we only water them. We had big healthy plants with an excellent yield, both in quality as in weight and taste. This lady gets big dense buds full of crystals, in the last weeks, the flowers will need some support. The Northern Lights is easy to grow and produces potent cannabis with a sweet and full aroma. Cannabis is top-notch smoking material after a few weeks of drying and curing. The effect is very relaxing and gets you in a happy mood. We now know why this strain has won so many cannabis awards. If you’re an indica fan this is the strain to try!

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