Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Candy Haze Feminized is indeed a Sativa-dominant hybrid and the combination of the Zkittlez and Haze strain. It has a high THC level that could reach 20% and offer physical booster and mood-boosting effects. Besides its mood-enhancing effects, this strain is loved by marijuana enthusiasts due to its sweet, citrus scent and a hint of peppery on it. These combinations would be very delightful to cannabis users. The effects of it could also benefit people who suffer from fatigue, stress, and depression. This marijuana strain is known to be an easy-to-grow plant that could produce high yields.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The Candy Haze Feminized strain has a citrus and sweet fragrance that was well-blended with an earthy marijuana scent. The scent can get more pungent when you start to smoke it, and its taste will leave your palate, along with earthy and peppery spiciness hints.

The effects of the Candy Haze feminized strain are mainly Sativa characteristics, and it will provide its users with powerful mental excitement that will keep them happy when high. A buzzing feeling will begin in the head, and users will feel euphoric, a mood-boosting effect accompanies this immediate pleasure. This optimistic mindset is an excellent way for users to get rid of all negative thoughts. The user’s mind becomes more concentrated and clear as the physical boost develops. Eventually, a burst of strength would alert the user, allowing them to be more active during the day.

What are the Medical Benefits of Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Medical marijuana patients use this strain to treat various mental problems due to its high Sativa content. The ability of this marijuana strain to wash away traumatic experiences and negative feelings that appear to haunt the patient’s mind is used to treat someone suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and depression. While the boost continues, they are replaced by positive emotions, giving the user an optimistic disposition. Since this strain has a moderate analgesic and sedating feature that helps ease discomfort, it’s also a decent remedy for mild pain conditions, including nausea, muscle spasms, and moderate muscle aches.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Strain

When you smoke Candy Haze, it can cause minor effects like dry, red eyes that can be treated by eye drops moisturizers. Another minor side effect of using this strain is dry, patchy lips, which can also treat if you drink a lot of water and stay hydrated. This marijuana strain can trigger more severe negative severe effects like dizziness, nausea, and mild anxiety when consumed in a large amount.

How to Grow Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Candy Haze feminized can be grown in either indoor or outdoor settings. It is easy to grow for the beginner grower because it takes little work to no work and is immune to molds, rodents, and plant diseases. In just nine weeks, this medium-sized plant blooms, producing yields of average fresh buds ready.

This magnificent marijuana plant thrives in a stable setting where you can stimulate the required humidity and temperature in an indoor setup. The plant produces fuzzy buds with orange hairs that are covered in shiny white trichomes. The plant prefers a hot, sunny climate outdoors to optimize yield, and it will be ready to be harvested by mid-October. The plants produce average products of accessible buds by completing the flowering phase, whether cultivated indoors or outdoors.


Candy Haze Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant
Genetics Parents: Zkittles x Haze
Flowering Period: 9 Weeks
Climate: Temperate / Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: Average
Flavors: Earthy, Pepper, Sweet, Citrus
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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