Chronic Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Chronic Widow Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with high THC and generous yields. It comes with high THC at 23%, making it very relaxing and calming. It can produce from 850 to 900 grams per plant outdoors and from 700 to 800 grams per square meter indoors. You will love its spicy, sweet, and earthy flavors you’ll surely love.

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10 Seeds$120.00
25 Seeds$240.00

More About Chronic Widow

Excellent Blends of Cannabis Strains

 Chronic Widow is an Indica-dominant strain that has balance effects. It consists of 12 to 16% THC level that makes every user experience both invigorating high while satisfying the body with theses one herb. Chronic Widow considered the great all-around strain that is ideal for both medicinal and recreational users. Upon the first toke, you may feel a cerebral buzz throughout your body, and this strain is advisable to take during the night.

Chronic Widow usually grows tall plants that reach up to 3 to 6 ft tall. Having such height, it will absolutely grow a higher number of yields with a bigger-sized bud. This strain is highly recommended to those experienced growers, as it needs regular pruning and topping. When its buds begin to gain weight, tying its branches is also required to prevent it from breaking.

In an indoor setting, growers may affect the height as it grows in a controlled setting. Employing a Screen of Green setup will be more favorable to this kind of marijuana strain. After nine weeks of the flowering period, if all goes in favorable ways, each square meter can produce as 800 grams of great buds. Like most strains, this cannabis is also a sun-loving plant as it thrives in a warm, sunny climate. If you are blessed with such a climate, your plant can grow as much as 900 grams of gluey buds each Chronic Widow plant.

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