Cotton Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds


This strain is perfect for cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet appetite! Cotton Candy or Cotton Candy Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain with a THC content of 23% on average. Cotton Candy Feminized is a marijuana hybrid strain created by combining Lavender and Power Plant. The result is enormous, robust cherry notes and floral nuances. Cotton Candy Kush has euphoric and calming properties that help to reduce tension and discomfort. Patients who use medical marijuana use this strain to help them manage chronic pain.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Strain?

Cotton Candy Feminized is a sweet and fruity marijuana strain with a flavour and scent similar to cotton candy. It blooms into a fluffy, magical-looking flower that is both powerful and aromatic.

With a 23% THC concentration, it also has strong sedative properties and can make you feel incredibly calm. It helps tension to dissipate and negativity flow away. It’s almost as if you’re at a carnival, holding a stick of cotton candy, blissfully unaware of your surroundings.

What are the Medical Benefits of Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Strain?

It has a pretty high THC content, usually approximately 23%. The CBD levels in this strain, on the other hand, are relatively low, generally about 1%. So, if you’re searching for a strain that will assist with seizures and a variety of other ailments that require high doses of CBD, you’ll have to go elsewhere.

Although this strain provides some coherent cerebral stimulation, it is quickly followed by calming solid effects, making it an excellent choice for a relaxing night in. Cotton Candy Feminized is a medical marijuana strain that can help with aches and pains, sad or nervous moods, and difficult insomnia. It can be used anytime between late afternoon and soon before night.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Strain

Whether you’re a first-time cannabis user, you should try a different strain to see if you can tolerate it. The high THC content of this tremendous feminized strain makes it stand out. Aside from the strain’s beneficial benefits, it also has some negative ones. Cotton Candy Feminized can dry up both your lips and your eyes. When you consume too much marijuana, you may experience paranoia. As a result, before you consume marijuana, conduct some studies about the benefits and drawbacks of doing so without caution.

How to Grow Cotton Candy Feminized Cannabis Strain

Cotton Candy Feminized strain can be grown by a newbie cannabis grower, but it will require a lot of TLC. This variety is resistant to many molds and illnesses, but it needs a dry, warm, sunny environment to thrive. It may also get rather tall, so you’ll have to have it trimmed regularly. The strain may be yours in no time if you take adequate care and effort. Growing indoors, you can expect around 600 grams of bud per square meter, and it would take 40 to 60 days to start flowering and be ready for reaping. For outdoor growing, expect a hefty 1500 grams per plant.

Cotton Candy Feminized Marijuana Seeds Specifications

Type : Sativa Dominant (75%)
Genetics Parents : Lavender x Power Plant
Flowering Period : 40 to 60 days
Climate : Mediterranean
Yield : 600g/m2 indoor / 1500g/plant outdoor
Flavors : Citrus fruit, Sweet, and Berries
THC level : 23%
CBD level : Low
Height : Tall
Harvest Period : Mid-October
Growing Difficulty : Easy

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