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Hash Plant Strain Seeds

Hash Plant
Hash Plant Strain Details
  • The Hash Plant is dominantly Indica, very apparent in its leaves and calyxes, which are dark green in color. With pistils that are deep blood red in shade, this type has perfectly-timed and generous trich coverage or amber heads at 18-25%. The density is an above-average which completes the classical look of this strain.
  • The strain is known for its earthy, piney and hash-like smell, but this one is sweet-smelling and has a fruity odor when grounded, making it less pungent than any other strain in this type. Such characteristic smell is contributed by the strain�s large, thick and resinous buds. Oftentimes, these buds also produce a spicy aroma, apart from the smell described above.
  • The strain is largely grown in the northwest of the United States but it originated from Afghanistan and then genetically enhanced in the Netherlands before it was made available to the public in 1999.
  • The strain when mixed with Northern Lights can create a powerful hybrid and was an important basis in developing other Sensi strains. The standard ratio of the said hybrid is 75% of the hash plant and 25% of Northern Lights.
  • Since it�s a blend of a hash-like and earthy aroma, it feels heavy when smoked but it glides smoothly in the throat. A strong flush is indicated when it burns its ash into a light gray color. In addition, the taste is mildly earthy when inhaled but changes to spicy and fruity when it is exhaled. The strain�s complexity is what makes its effect astounding.
  • After ingestion, this strain would slowly reach its full effects after 20 minutes. This is when the body would feel warm and heavy. The eyes would also feel heavy, almost making the smoker feel sleepy. The smoker would also feel demotivated, spaced-out and tired, which are the common effects of this strain. Similar to any narcotics, the smoker feels relaxed and free from any pain.
  • This is recommended for night-time smoking, especially for people with sleeping problems. It helps relieve pain due to migraine, PMS and arthritis. Persons with ADD/ADHD, depression or anxiety may also use this plant.
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Hash Plant
Strain Specifications
Type : Indica / Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Short
Flowering : 50 days
Stone : Cerebral High
THC level : 18 � 25%
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          Lighting is very essential, especially if the strain is planted indoors. The use of fluorescent lights is recommended since they provide enough heat for the plants to grow. The lights should be place at least two inches above the soil or the plant as soon as it appears above the ground.

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