Afghan Marijuana Seeds


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More About Afghan

Foundation of the Cannabis Strain Industry

Afghan feminized seed is appraised as one of the best earliest genetic strains that are commonly used as a guide by many breeders of cannabis hybrids. It is quite a short Indica-dominant strain that has a dense and dark-colored heavy resinous gland that is growing down the buds and across its large foliage. It consists of high levels of THC, which is about 13 to 17 percent, which makes it heavy and thick to smoke by consumers. After a few tokes, the user may experience a deep heavy stone with a full-body buzz that offers a numbing impact with a real couch-lock feeling.

Afghan feminized seeds produce at its best when grown indoors with a controlled, temperate climate and can also be grown outdoors in a warm, sunny climb. Due to its limited size, with a short flowering period and, most importantly, a high number of yields making it very popular for growers because they can have a large number of yields in just a short period of time, which means more income for growers.

Afghan plants can deal with such stress and molds while growing; it can also resist common diseases that make it very suitable for beginners in growing cannabis. Because of its Indica-dominant features, it usually reaches its height up to 50 cm tall, and it can yield as high as 350 grams on each Afghan feminized plant.

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