Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Crossing the iconic AK-47 strain with an White Widow resulted from this pleasant cannabis weed plant. Kalashnikov feminized is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain made up of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics. The strain’s frosty flowers have a high THC content of 19%, making it suitable to recreational users searching for a strong high and medical users seeking to utilize the psychoactive cannabinoid for ailments like reduced appetite or depression.

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What are the Flavors and Effects of Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Kalashnikov Feminized bursts in the mouth like a tropical shake on a hot day, with earthy, sweet, and citrus undertones filling each toke. As the smoke is savored, a honey-like sweetness flows over the tongue with a surprisingly spicy aftertaste. This marijuana strain produces long-lasting cerebral bliss when taken in minimal dosages. It can boost social behavior, creativity, and giggles when you smoke this weed, making it a great starter pack at any party. It causes a deep-body buzz, relaxation, and a long-lasting couch lock when used in large doses.

What are the Medical Benefits of Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain?

Despite its lack of CBD, Kalashnikov is considered a strain with high therapeutic value. THC and other cannabinoids like terpenes work together to provide relief from a variety of medical ailments. Kalashnikov Feminized is a natural sleep aid that promotes overall well-being by increasing the quantity and quality of sleep per night, making it ideal for people with sleeping disorders like insomnia.

One of Kalashnikov’s best uses is as an analgesic. Large doses of THC produce a relaxing body buzz that relieves aches and pains of all kinds of medical conditions, including the intense pain caused by muscular spasms. The same compound also provides a joyful high that stimulates the mind. It lowers stress levels and has a favorable impact on negative attitudes. The Kalashnikov Feminized strain also brings comfort to individuals suffering from mental illnesses such as depression or PTSD by reducing anxiety.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain

Cottonmouth is a typical side effect of marijuana use. Cannabinoids tend to interfere with moisture production in the tear ducts. Therefore, users may feel dry eyes to some extent. Because the symptoms are so mild, seasoned smokers frequently disregard them. In case of discomfort, however, rehydrating with a few glasses of water will suffice.

It’s also possible to feel slightly paranoid, especially if you’re smoking a lot of this weed strain. The heavy-hitting effects of the Indica-leaning strain, on the other hand, usually only cause a slight headache. As a result, intake should be increased in small doses.

How to Grow Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Strain?

When cultivated indoors, Kalashnikov Feminized reaches 90-120cm heights and yields 550-600 grams per square meter. These marijuana plants can produce up to 1000 grams per plant when grown outdoors. Kalashnikov Feminized is ready to harvest around the end of October.

This weed plant appears to be more indica than sativa. Still, it is psychedelically sativa all the way. This strain is resistant and vigorous, with highly stable seeds. The Kalashnikov feminized strain is perfect for seasoned growers because of its low height and easy maintenance.

Kalashnikov Feminized Marijuana Seeds Specifications

Type : Sativa- Dominant (40%)
Genetics Parents : AK 47 x White Widow
Flowering Period : 8-9 weeks
Climate : Warm
Yield : indoor- 550-600 gr/m² and outdoor- 1000+ gr/plant
Flavors : Earthy, Sweet, Citrus
THC level : 19%
CBD level : <1%
Height : 120cm
Harvest Period : End-October
Growing Difficulty : Easy

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5 Seeds, 10 Seeds, 25 Seeds


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