Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Strain is an Indica-Dominant strain. Breeders have no idea if what are the genetic lineage of this strain. The Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Strain is beneficial for recreational and medicinal use since it has a 15% to 16% THC content and a low CBD level. This Indica-leaning strain can cure chronic pains, headaches, migraines, and other physical discomforts. The Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Strain can also alleviate mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and chronic stress. This strain also offers delightful flavors like spicy, sweet, floral, earthy, and herbal flavors.

The Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Strain is easy to cultivate inside the house or outdoors. The strain will yield 450 grams per square meter of buds in just eight weeks of the flowering period when growing indoors. In comparison, the outdoor setting can produce 500 grams per square meter or more and is expected to be harvested in September’s early weeks.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Leprechron Feminized?

The Indica-Dominant strain Leprechron Feminized marijuana strain is aromatic and flavorful. When it refers to taste, the strain has a sweet and tangy herbal taste with floral notes. The floral smell is evident on the exhale. Furthermore, delicate herbs and spicy undertones perfectly complement the earthy flavors.

It offers an extreme high ideal for recreational and medicinal use, with THC levels of 15% up to 16%. It starts with a cerebral high that provides an uplifting and clearheaded high to the mind. It’s also a social strain, causing users to become overly talkative and friendly. Once the mind has experienced the pleasure and sensation, the body high kicks in, putting the body into a deep state of relaxation. Then, because of its sedative effects, it binds the users to a couch or sofa.

What are the Medical Benefits of Leprechron Feminized?

This Indica-dominant combination is ideal for both medicinal and recreational use. The Leprechron Feminized marijuana strain is often prescribed for several medical conditions, both physical and mental. It can help to relieve muscle tension and body aches. Sleep deprivation, depression, anxiety, and even mood changes are all common mental illnesses. This Leprechron Feminized marijuana strain can also help with nausea and insomnia. It’s also been shown to boost appetite in people who haven’t eaten in a while. Cancer patients can benefit from this strain since it can induce hunger and eliminate nausea or vomiting.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Leprechron Feminized

Whenever this Leprechron Feminized marijuana strain is consumed, there are only a few possible side effects. Symptoms include dry eyes and a slightly dry mouth. It’s also possible for red eyes to appear. To eliminate the dry mouth, drink plenty of water throughout the session to keep the body hydrated. Apply a drop of eye moisturizer in the eyes to alleviate the dry and itchy eyes. It may also cause mild panic attacks, paranoia, and dizziness if consumed in large amounts. 

How to Grow Leprechron Feminized

The Leprechron Feminized marijuana strain is often recommended to novice growers searching for a low-maintenance plant. This marijuana strain thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments. It’s known for having a short flowering cycle, with crops ready to extract in as little as eight weeks—demonstrating the marijuana plant’s ability to produce a significant yield in a short amount of time. 

It is better to bring them inside if grown indoors, where growers have complete control over the air. Breeders can anticipate a medium-sized output, which is impressive given Leprechron’s rapid growth rate. This hardy plant can be topped and trained as well. Outside, it prefers a warm, dry, or Mediterranean climate. Plants that are grown outdoors grow taller and yield more than those that are grown indoors. Early September is when harvests are usually available.


Leprechron Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-Dominant, Feminized
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8 Weeks
Climate: Warm, Sunny, Mediterranean, Temperate
Yield: (Indoors) 450 g/m2, (Outdoors) 500 g/plant
Flavors: Spicy, Sweet, Floral, Earthy, Herbal
THC Level: 15%-16%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Short
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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