Train Wreck Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds


Train Wreck auto marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by combining Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel with a Ruderalis strain. These individually competent parent strains are loved by cannabis fans all over the world because of their high quality and commendable properties. The resulting strain is a perfect combination of their desirable flavors and effects. This strain is used as both recreational and medical cannabis. 

This sativa dominant strain boasts of its high THC levels averaging at 18%. Its CBD contents are rather low. This strain offers a complex yet delectable scent and flavor profile. Classic cannabis fans love the stimulating head high that this strain offers. Growers love this strain for its ease in cultivation, being an autoflowering strain. This strain produces decent to generous yields.

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What are the Flavor and Train Wreck (auto)

Train Wreck auto smells of woody pines with hints of citrus playfully roaming in the background. Combusting the buds of this strain produces a smoke that tastes of pungent diesel with a kick of spicy and earthy notes. This complex scent and flavor profile is sought after by classic cannabis users. Smoking this weed is a unique and memorable experience for its users.

This strain is popular for its stimulating cerebral high. This head high starts with a euphoric buzz that sends in some mood enhancing effects. The potency of this weed can also produce psychedelic effects. This is accompanied by visual distortions and time dilations. This head high also induces creativity and focus among its users. Meanwhile, the body high of this strain is due to its indica properties. Users will feel relaxed and as the muscles of their bodies are soothed and loosened, freeing them from exhaustion and fatigue. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Train Wreck (auto)

Train Wreck auto marijuana is patronized not just by recreational users, but by medical users as well. This strain possesses therapeutic properties that help in treating mental health conditions and physical illnesses. Its cerebral effects that are mood enhancing at the same time help mitigate the symptoms associated with stress, depression, anxiety, and other mood related conditions. Its sedating and relaxing effects, on the other hand, help alleviate the sufferings of patients from their chronic pains, migraines, headaches, joint discomforts, and other bodily pains and aches. This strain is preferred by patients as an alternative to synthetic prescription drugs which might result in unwanted side effects.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Train Wreck (auto)

Train Wreck auto marijuana has high THC levels, making it a potent strain. This weed should not be taken lightly even by experienced cannabis users. When used in excessive amounts, it can cause various negative side effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth. Users who experience this condition must drink lots of water in order to mitigate their discomfort. For novice users with low tolerance to THC, this strain can even lead to anxiety or paranoia when consumed irresponsibly. For these reasons, it is advisable for users to take this strain in moderation.

How to Grow Train Wreck (auto)

Train Wreck auto marijuana is a moderately easy to grow strain. This is suitable for growers who have any kind of experience in cannabis cultivation. This strain contains autoflowering properties which make it flower on its own. This saves the growers from the hassles of changing the lighting schedule. As a result, this strain has a relatively quicker flowering period than many other cannabis strains. This strain can grow to be a tall plant so growers are advised to top them regularly to promote sufficient air flow and light to the lower branches. It thrives in both indoor and outdoor setup. When grown indoors, it can be ripe for harvest after 10 weeks, producing a yield of 450 grams per square meter. Meanwhile, when grown outdoors in a sunny and warm climate, it can be ready for harvest by late October, producing yields of 50 to 200 grams per plant.


Train Wreck (auto) Strain Specifications

Type:  60% Sativa / 30% Indica / 10% Ruderalis
Genetics Parents: Super Silver Haze x Sour Diesel x Ruderalis
Flowering Period: 10 weeks
Climate: sunny, warm, Mediterranean
Yield: 450 g/m2 (indoor), 50 to 200 g/plant (outdoor)
Flavors: spicy, citrus, pine, earthy, diesel, pungent
THC Level: 18%
CBD Level: 0%
Height: 80 inches
Harvest Period: late October
Growing Difficulty: moderate

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