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The Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Marijuana Strain is a combination of a Critical and Road Runner, and this strain’s composition is 50% Indica, 40% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis. The Auto Critical  (CBD Auto) Marijuana Strain has 5% CBD and 5% THC. Users can feel mentally and physically high. This strain session will not be perfect if there are no sweet, spicy, floral, honey, and earthy flavors. The strain can be cultivated indoors and outdoors, and this strain can thrive well in all kinds of climates. When growing indoors, the strain can grow up to 90cm. The Auto Critical  (CBD Auto) marijuana strain has a flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks and will produce 150 grams per square meter. When developing outside the house or in a garden, the strain can be 100cm tall. The Auto Critical  (CBD Auto) marijuana strain can offer 200 grams per plant and the harvest period is in September if grown before the season.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Auto Critical (CBD Auto)?

The strain smells like a stroll through an existing garden area after a spring shower. You should expect an earthy, intense, and floral fragrance with a subtle touch of sweet honey. Auto Critical (CBD Auto) has an earthy, spicy taste with traces of flowers and honey, similar to the scent. A soft swirl of citrus can be felt while exhaling, which brings the toke to a satisfying conclusion. 

The mood-lifting effects begin almost immediately after smoking. Smokers can feel both physical and mental high as if they are being looked after by a loved one. Clear-headed and concentrated, but with a mellowed edge that lends itself to stumbling around the house until the sedative effects settle in and the sofa calls your name. Smokers will fall happily off for a siesta or deep sleep once they are on the sofa and in a comfortable state of mind. 

What are the Medical Benefits of Auto Critical (CBD Auto)?

One of the main medicinal applications of Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is its use in epilepsy treatments. Auto Critical (CBD Auto) can treat a wide range of conditions such as fatigue, migraines, tension, muscle, chronic pain and treating other ailments like anxiety, depression, or physical complaints like joint pain. Research has shown this type of marijuana to be especially helpful in alleviating nausea and relieving insomnia.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Auto Critical/CBD Auto

With this strain, smokers won’t have to think about overdoing it. THC’s psychoactive symptoms are minimized thanks to CBD. Auto Critical (CBD Auto) produces only cotton-mouth and dry eyes in most people, but it can cause headaches or dizziness if used in excess.

How to Grow Auto Critical (CBD Auto)

Indica weed seeds, unlike sativa strains, do not need a lot of light. A 400-watt high-pressure sodium lamp would serve in this situation. Of course, because we’re talking about an autoflower strain, there’s no need to invest in costly lighting technology or set alarms to inform you of light schedules. However, when developing this strain indoors, ventilation is vital since it prefers a humidity level of less than 45%. That can be taken care of by a couple of well-placed fans. Watering must be done daily, and the soil must be in good condition. To get the best out of a seed, feeding and trimming are essential. It won’t take long to finish indoors with proper treatment, and if the simple requirements are met, the home cultivator should expect reasonable yields of up to 150 grams per square meter.

Auto Critical (CBD Auto) prefers to grow outdoors in wet, dry environments. Southern California, the United States, or Spain are ideal, but it is a hardy strain that can even be cultivated in northern climates, albeit with less dramatic success. It can be planted almost every year if the average temperature is sixty degrees or above. Since it is autoflower, it can be produced at various times for different harvest times. If you plant early in the season, the strain will usually be ready in September. Simply cultivate, water, feed, and trim, and wait for Auto Critical (CBD Auto) to develop. Yields equal about 200 grams per plant with sufficient care and attention.


Auto Critical (CBD Auto) Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 50% Indica 40% Sativa 10% Ruderalis, Autoflowering
Genetics Parents: Road Runner x Critical
Flowering Period: 7-8 Weeks
Climate: Mediterranean, Sunny, Temperate, Tropical
Yield: (Indoors) 150g, (Outdoors) 200g
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Spicy, Floral, Honey
THC Level: 5%
CBD Level: 5%
Height: 90-100 cm
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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