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Enjoy growing autoflowering seeds with high CBD levels with our Auto CBD seeds variety. We put together the impressive automatic qualities of auto marijuana seeds with the therapeutic properties of high CBD strains to give you the freshest and the best-quality cannabis seeds online. Our Auto CBD seeds are the most popular and you can purchase these seeds only here. Also, take advantage of our free seeds and free delivery offers for all our seeds today.

What are Auto CBD cannabis seeds?

Auto CBD cannabis is short for autoflowering CBD-rich cannabis seeds. These are special marijuana seeds with automatic qualities along with high CBD content. You will enjoy growing cannabis with high CBD content, ideal for people growing cannabis for its therapeutic qualities. Automatic CBD seeds are fast becoming one of the most popular cannabis seeds varieties as these helps growers, especially beginner growers, cultivate medicinal cannabis with less fuss.

Why are Auto CBD cannabis seeds very popular?

Auto CBD cannabis seeds is a good choice among growers because of the following reasons:

  • Automatic CBD is best for beginner growers

Definitely, you don’t need to do anything to grow auto CBD strains as everything seems to be on auto-pilot. Beginner growers won’t have to use special lighting or deal with massive plants as they grow compact auto CBD plants.

  • No need to use a special lighting schedule

Automatic strains don’t need a special lighting schedule compared to regular strains which require a 12 hour day and 12-hour dark schedule. These plants will bloom according to their maturity.

  • You can grow auto CBD strains in a small growing area

You can cultivate medicinal cannabis even if you’re in a small apartment, dormitory, or in a spare room.

  • This is the best for medicinal cannabis growers

If you need medicinal cannabis and you want to grow your personal supply then this is the best type of cannabis seed to use.

  • You can cultivate CBD strains multiple times in a year

Auto CBD strains are ready for harvest in just 7 to 9 months. You can cultivate cannabis twice or thrice a year.

Tips on Growing Autoflowering CBD Marijuana Strains

Automatic CBD strains are the easiest to cultivate and there are no special techniques to grow this kind of marijuana plant. However, since you’re growing CBD strains which are therapeutic strains, you need to prepare for an indoor growing area. Growing medicinal cannabis indoors lets you protect your plants and monitor their growth carefully. Also, indoor growing ensures great success as you can tweak growing conditions easier.

Auto CBD seeds need good soil (if you’re growing in soil) or you can cultivate your plants in a hydroponic system. Provide good lighting and always use organic nutrients ideal for your plants’ growing phase. Always maintain the correct temperature and humidity levels indoors to prevent mold and pests.

Consider using special growing techniques to improve yield. Since an automatic CBD strain is a small plant, you can fit this in a small growing area and use techniques to magnify its growth and yield.

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