Critical Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Critical Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds is a high THC indica-dominant cannabis strain. It is a union of two very potent strain creating a euphoric, relaxing, and sleepy hybrid. This is a citrusy, spicy, earthy, and sweet strain that can also deal with anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, nausea, migraines, stress, and depression.

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25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Critical Northern Lights

A Highly Recommended Strain!

Enjoy the best of both Critical and Northern Lights in just one form. Here are the new Critical Northern Lights. It is a potent marijuana strain that contains decent THC amounts. Containing 15-18% THC, you will enjoy the best of Critical Mass and Northern Lights.

Considering its genetics and the nature of its parents, Critical Northern Lights is indica-heavy. It is best to grow indoors and outdoors. As a plant, it grows as a medium-sized plant branching out generously and offers excellent yields. It gives excellent therapeutic potential with a wide array of aromas and flavors from the spicy scent of the Northern Lights to fruity notes of Critical.

Since it’s an indica-heavy, it tends to deliver a strong body high that will last for hours. You will feel a soothing whole-body relaxation and comfort, making you feel like you’re walking in the clouds. With every puff, you will enjoy that fruity and spicy notes for flavor.


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