Kosher Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Kosher Kush Marijuana Seeds is an indica-dominant cannabis strain popular for its high THC at 26 percent and great yields. You will feel focused, happy, sleepy, relaxed, and uplifted and will love its earthy, pine, lemon, woody, and spicy flavors. It is also a tall plant up to 180 cm high and can produce good yields.

Pack Size PriceQuantity
5 Seeds $65.00
10 Seeds $120.00
25 Seeds $240.00
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More About Kosher Kush

A Highly Respectable Kush!

Can’t get fall in love with a Kush? You will surely enjoy the Kosher Kush. It is an epic strain that has been a winner in the Cannabis Cups. It deserves to be an award-winning for being the dankest of all dank strains.

It originated out of the dedication and hard work of ganja specialists. They made it highly potent with a nice indica-dominant lineage. Upon taking your first few tokes, you will find it so irresistible. The pungent and earthy notes, along with the fruity and spicy hints, become more noticeable as you take more tokes.

Kosher Kush comes with a decent leaf-to-bud ratio that makes the plant easy to trim. The flowering period takes approximately 9 to 10 weeks. She tends to be somewhat tall, which is uncommon in indica strains. Not for beginners. Veterans will enjoy growing it and gaining medium to high yields.


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