Amnesia Purple Marijuana Seeds


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More About  Amnesia Purple

The Ideal Stress Reliever

Amnesia Purple is a great stress-buster that can also be used in many different ways. Its THC level that ranges up to 21% makes an amazing stress-reliever capability. Using it in recreational use adds fun to such daily activities. While using it for medicinal relief gives high effectiveness, it offers a needed break from the aggression of mental distress. When it comes to growing the Amnesia Purple, it is a high-yielding cannabis strain that permits every grower as well as patients to store up inescapable tiring days.

Provided an ideal condition, it rewards every grower a yield that is incredibly high. Amnesia Purple treats and uplifts the spirit as well as gives a relaxed feeling to consumers’ bodies. Most importantly, for home growers, it delivers a majestic bud and trichome production though it is not easy to grow the plant but is very flexible to different types of the medium as well as environments.

Amnesia Purple grows into a dense plant that is very susceptible to pests and any usual diseases such as molds. It performs well in almost all kinds of environments, but growing it indoors is an ideal choice. Flowering time growing it indoors commonly lasts up to weeks and yields as much as 500 grams every square meter. Lowering the given temperature while it is on its flowering stage makes deepen the green-color of its foliage. In outdoor, growers may expect to harvest 500 grams of every plant and harvest it by the end month of October.

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