Critical + Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Critical + Marijuana Seeds Critical + is a balanced hybrid strain that can produce impressive yields up to 1300 grams per plant outdoors. It is a tall strain growing up to 220 cm high and can flower quickly. You will feel relaxed, creative. It comes with earthy, citrus, sweet, berry, and fine flavors and scents.

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More About Critical +

Result of Crossing the Big Bud with the Scented Skunk

 Critical + is a result after crossing its genotype parents Big Bud with Skunk. This strain consists of 14 to 19% THC level that provides a head high that is equally articulate and robust. The body high that it gives will definitely leave the user having a calm and relaxed feeling. Having such great features makes the strain as an ideal choice for smokers that looks for relieving some pain and a hard time getting some sleep.

This strain grows into a long and compact plant. Doing those usual enhancements cannot affect its potency, but doing so can boost the bag appeal of Critical + and its market worth. This plant can easily adapt to any medium you provide, such as hydroponics or either organic soil. Though growing it is quite challenging, it still rewards you with a massive amount of yield. As the heavy cola grows, you may install some branch support. Its buds are highly susceptible to moisture-related diseases such as mold, so maintain its environment with a 21 to 26° C.

Employing the Screen of Green setup is highly recommended to achieve the strains’ full potential. Having such condition, expect to harvest as much as 600 grams of buds every square meter. While in an outdoor setting, this strain is also a sun-lover plant that thrives in a Mediterranean-like climate. By the early month of October, with an optimal condition, Critical + can produce as high as 1300 grams of gluey buds each plant.


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