Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Seeds


The Crushed Grapes Feminized strain is a pure Indica marijuana hybrid that offers an intense body buzz due to its elevated THC level ranging from 20-25%. This marijuana strain can be overpowering if not consume on the correct dosage, especially on new users. For that reason, it is an ideal strain to use in the evening or before bedtime as this could deliver a deep relaxation that could lead to deep slumber. It also emits a delicious fruity taste of berries and grapes. The effects of this marijuana strain can be beneficial to medical marijuana patients both physically or mentally.

The Crushed Grapes isn’t for the novice, and to be able to grow this strain, you’ll need experience.

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What are the Flavor and Effects of Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Strain?

The Crushed Grapes Feminized strain is an excellent treat for marijuana enthusiasts. This strain has a fruity combination of sweet, grape, musky, and earthy scent that is very delightful to the nostrils and palate. Although the smell and taste are similar, the flavors become intense if burned and could stay on your palate for a couple of hours.

The effects of Crushed Grapes Feminized strain could take time to occur, and consumers must be cautious on consuming this weed. The sluggish sensation of Crushed Grapes leads to a heavy feeling in the mind and body. It can induce a state of total physical and mental relief as well as euphoria to the consumer. People may get disoriented due to it, leading them to couchlock effects and critical thinking about what is causing the boost before continuing. But since the results of this marijuana can be addicting and medicating, so carelessness is ordinary.

What are the Medical Benefits of Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Strain?

With its high THC content, Crushed Grapes Feminized strain can be a very beneficial strain for those suffering from severe or acute pain. The soothing and stimulating effects could soothe tensed muscles and relax nerves, making it an effective treatment for physical discomfort, inflammations, and muscle spasms. This strain’s calming and healing effects, along with a euphoric and mood-lifting high, can treat people suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress, as it removes any worries and negative feelings, allowing them to feel a happy, upbeat attitude. This strain is often used by those who have insomnia to lull them into a deep, quiet slumber.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Strain

Because of being a robust marijuana strain, you must use the Crushed Grapes feminized strain cautiously, particularly if you’re a new user, as this strain can be quite overpowering and can cause psychedelic effects. Consumers susceptible to extreme THC levels can develop mild anxiety or panic if they consume a significant amount. This strain can also induce minor effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes, common symptoms when using weeds. The high THC levels have caused significant moisture loss, which has resulted in this condition. As a result, staying hydrated will help to alleviate this issue.

How to Grow Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

The Crushed Grapes can be challenging to grow for inexperienced growers; however, they can be grown indoors or outdoors. It develops a small and bushy crop with a flowering time that could take around 7 to 8 weeks and generates decent yields. When growing indoors, this shaggy marijuana plant produces a robust stem and doesn’t surpass 4ft tall. During the vegetative period, the temperature must be at least 10 ° at nighttime, colder than their average daytime temperature. At an early stage, this situation forces the plant to develop in bright purple and blue colors. When set outdoors, this marijuana plant prefers to be put under a hot, semi-humid environment to grow freely. Growers can expect as many decent buds per square meter by October. It also has a high tolerance to pests, mold, and other plant diseases.


Crushed Grapes Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Pure Indica
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period:  7 to 8 Weeks
Climate: Semi-Humid / Sunny / Mediterranean
Yield: 1.5oz/m2 Indoors / 2.5 oz/plant Outdoors
Flavors: Fruity, Grape, Berry, Candy, Earthy
THC Level: 20-25%
CBD Level: Unknown
Height: Tall
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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