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Feminized Bubba Kush Strain Seeds

Bubba Kush Feminized
Bubba Kush Feminized Strain Details
  • Bubba Kush Feminized is a hybrid of Og Kush and Bubba. This Indica dominant hybrid is easy to grow and produces powerful and prolific flowering phase in a short period of time. The manner in which Bubba Kush Feminized is grown, whether indoor or outdoor will have a direct effect on how high the mature plant will be. It is easy to grow and can be cultivated whether indoor or outdoor. The best production yield is typically expected where the region temperature and climate is dry and hot. Indoor grown Bubba Kush Feminized are typically short builds when grown indoors. But when it is planted outdoors, it could get taller given the right environment conditions. When planted indoors, the entire planting period lasts for eight to nine weeks and when done outdoors, October would be the best time to collect the extremely sweet green fruits.
  • Overall, this strain produces low yield but is priced higher because it is considered as connoisseur hybrid strain.
  • Its appearance look a lot like regular Kush having light green buds highlighted with orange hairs and think leaves. These buds are typically larger and denser.
  • It has an intense scent with a touch of coffee. It grows short to medium sized plants with splendid and tough appearance. Some people compare it to having a �look of a Christmas tree�.
  • The Bubba Kush Feminized strain�s effect is great for people who are having sleep concerns or extreme tiredness. Once used, it helps the body relax to a comfortable numbness. This will encourage sleepiness and eventually bring your body to a relaxed state, thus making you fall asleep easily. It is ideal to be used if you feel like relaxing after a long, difficult day. In addition, doing something like driving or cooking is discouraged while under the influence of this hybrid Kush because the effects are strong and it may not be safe for the smoker to do such activities.
  • It is best to use for managing pain and helping people with insomnia concerns.
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20 Seeds $180.00

40 Seeds $340.00

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Bubba Kush Feminized
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 300 g/m2
Height : 10 � 36 Inches
Flowering : 8 � 9 weeks
Stone : Strong and Long lasting effect
THC level : 16%
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          Bubba Kush Feminized can be grown indoors or outdoors. For growers that prefer indoor cultivation, the typical flowering phase is 45 to 50 days with a yield of 350g per square meters. For outdoor growers, however, the yield can be between 500 to 800g per plant. In addition, the production is expected to be more abundant where the temperature is hot and dry.

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