Fast Version CBD Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Do you want to grow medical cannabis but just don’t want to wait too long for harvest time? With fast version CBD seeds, you can grow therapeutic cannabis without the wait. Get your fresh, ready to grow, high-quality fast version CBD seeds only here. Our seeds are the best online, viable, and potent. Whether you’re growing your supply or you’re cultivating medical weed for a friend, we have all the strains you need to start.

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What are fast version CBD seeds?

Fast version CBD seeds will grow quick harvest, therapeutic medical cannabis plants. This type of cannabis seed combines two great qualities of cannabis: quick harvesting and high CBD content. Fast version seeds are seeds that have very short flowering times. These are photoperiod seeds that need a special lighting schedule to bloom and once these plants have started blooming, it won’t take too long for the buds to be ready for harvest time. Fast version plants will be ready in just a few weeks so these will be ready earlier than automatic strains.

Meanwhile, high CBD strains are therapeutic strains. CBD is the medical compound of marijuana and consuming strains with high CBD won’t make you high but will help ease your medical condition including pain, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and so much more. 

Why use fast version CBD seeds?

Many prefer fast version CBD strains over autoflowering cannabis plants as these will be ready to harvest quicker. There are many reasons why fast version CBD is the clear winner over automatic strains.

  • You can grow new seeds faster

There’s no need to wait too long for seeds since fast version CBD strains will give you results in the fastest time. You’ll be harvesting cannabis seeds in no time.

  • You can breed new cannabis plants quicker

If you’re into breeding new plants, fast version seeds will let you breed new strains quicker and safer.

  • You can grow your medical cannabis supply fast

If you rely on medical cannabis to help you with conditions like pain, stress, anxiety, or depression then fast version CBD will let you grow what you need in the quickest time. You can grow two or three times a year so you’ll have more supply of medical cannabis.

Are there special techniques to grow fast version CBD seeds?

Fast version CBD seeds are photoperiod strains unlike autoflowering cannabis strains so you must expose your fast version plants to a strict 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to bloom. Failure to provide this schedule can lead to a reversal of your plants from a near-flowering stage to a vegetative stage.

We recommend growing this kind of seed indoors so you’ll have full control of your lighting schedule. If you plan to grow seeds, let the male plants remain. If you plan to grow weed, remove all the males to avoid pollination of your female plants.

Grow your plants in healthy, organic soil to ensure good health. If you must use nutrients, always use nutrients that are according to your plants’ development as vegetative cannabis plants have different nutritional needs than flowering plants. 

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