Outdoor Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Are you looking for resilient, easy to grow cannabis you can cultivate outdoors? If so, check out our large catalog of the best outdoor cannabis seeds in the market. With our fresh, high-quality outdoor seeds, you can grow cannabis in your garden or backyard with no worries. We have the most popular strains and the latest outdoor seeds strain for you and most of all, you can purchase these at the best price with free delivery and free seeds for qualified orders. Buy your outdoor cannabis seeds today!

What are outdoor cannabis seeds?

Outdoor cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into outdoor cannabis plants. Just like the name suggests, these plants are very resilient and can survive the outdoors very well. Most of the outdoor strains we have in our catalog are resistant to abrupt changes in weather and thus, will survive very warm or very cold environments. Some are also resistant to pests and molds especially white mold and thus will grow well outdoors or indoors.

Almost all outdoor cannabis strains are taller and will grow wider compared to their indoor counterparts. These plants will grow well outdoors and will produce the best yields as well.

Why grow outdoor cannabis seeds?

There are many reasons why you must grow outdoor cannabis seeds.

  • If you want to cultivate recreational or medicinal cannabis outdoors

Yes, outdoor cannabis seeds will help you grow your favorite recreational cannabis seeds or your medical strains so you’ll have endless supply all year.

  • If you want to grow cannabis in natural, garden soil

They say natural soil adds flavor and smell to cannabis which is why some growers prefer outdoor growing.

  • If you want to save money and effort in growing cannabis

No need to spend money on lighting, humidifiers, growing tents and closet, and nutrients when you grow cannabis seeds outdoors.

  • Outdoor cannabis seeds won’t leave you guessing

You know what you’re getting and you don’t have to guess if your plants can handle the outdoors or not when you use outdoor cannabis seeds.

Are there special techniques to use for outdoor cannabis strains?

Outdoor cannabis strains are probably the easiest of all cannabis seeds to grow. You are cultivating cannabis and leaving the rest to Mother Nature to care for your plants. You don’t need to worry about providing lighting, controlling humidity, and temperature.

But as most outdoor strains survive fairly well outdoors, a grower should still consider that in most cases, outdoor cannabis plants also need help. So before you sow your outdoor seeds in the ground, we recommend testing your soil first to ensure that it’s healthy, free from toxins and chemicals that can affect your plants.

Consider growing your plants in pots so you can move these indoors or in your patio in case, the weather turns for the worse. Finally, watch out for pests as not all outdoor plants are resilient to pests. Remove litter and dirt near your outdoor growing area to avoid pests.

Consider your outdoor growing environment before sowing your outdoor seeds. Find out if your plants can survive outdoor temperatures and humidity.

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