Mix and Match Marijuana Seeds for Sale

Have you ever had problems making up your mind on what cannabis strain you want to grow? With our Mix and Match seeds pack, problem solved! Our special Mix and Match pack is a special collection of the best strains ready to use indoors or outdoors. We have fresh seeds placed inside special packaging. Our seeds are the best of different categories: regular, feminized, and automatic seeds and with a Mix and Match pack, you don’t need to worry about choosing the best seeds. Take advantage of our special free delivery promos and free seeds upon purchase.

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What are Mix and Match cannabis seeds?

Mix and Match is our special combo pack composed of only the best hand-picked seeds. We know how hard it is to choose from all our best strains which is why we have created these specially mixed cannabis seeds for you.

Almost all of our seeds come in packs of ten but sometimes, you don’t want to buy ten seeds. This Mix and Match combo pack is composed of different varieties of seeds in one pack. Get ready to grow the best seeds in our collection.

Why use Mix and Match cannabis seeds?

Many customers prefer our Mix and Match cannabis seeds pack because of the following reasons:

  • You’re getting different kinds of seeds in one pack

You’ll get different seeds but all have the best value and are fresh like the day they were packed. A true value for a beginner.

  • Mix and Match packs are more affordable

If you have a tight budget, it’s best to stick to Mix and Match packs as these are more affordable plus, you can’t find this variety from all other combo packs.

  • Mix and Match packs come with quality germination rates

All seeds included in our Mix and Match packs come with the best germination rates. As long as you follow our easy germination steps, you’ll sprout these seeds easily.

  • Mix and Match seeds are for beginner and expert growers

Mix and Match seeds are for all growers. Beginners will like the variety while seasoned veteran growers will love the challenge.

Are there special techniques to use Mix and Match cannabis seeds?

There is no special technique to grow Mix and Match cannabis seeds. But we recommend the following techniques to boost plant growth and improve yields.

Grow your plants indoors. An indoor growing area will protect these from pests and molds plus, will keep these in good form even in extremes in weather (extreme heat, storms, and heavy rain). Indoor growing will also help you tweak your growing environment and adjust lighting, humidity, and temperature according to your plants’ needs.

Use special nutrients for growing cannabis. Marijuana nutrients vary according to the growth stage of your plants as cannabis plants require a special set of nutrients during the growing phase and a different set during the flowering phase.

Use organic soil rich in important organic nutrients. Improve plant growth and yield with growing techniques. We recommend pruning, trimming, and topping/fimming. But before you do, make sure to practice to ensure success.

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