10 Best Movies to Watch High

So you’re high, enjoying the effects of your favorite weed. Sitting on a couch and enjoying the blissful, relaxing moment, but your mind keeps wandering, thinking of what to do. Since you are enjoying a relaxing moment, perhaps it can also be a good time to watch a good movie.

It is just fascinating to know that you can enjoy watching great movies if you’re high. There are the best movies to watch high as you enjoy the comforts of your couch while eating some munchies.

Movies can make us feel different emotions. Perhaps, you want to enjoy the relaxing or intense feeling after a trip, well watching movies can speak to your emotion. In this article, we will give you a list of 10 best movies to watch high or when you are high.

What are the 10 Best Movies to Watch High?

  1. The Inception (2014). This movie starts the A-lister Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Inception is an intellectual, mind-bending movie about a person, a thief (played by DiCaprio) who can enter a person’s mind, particularly their dreams. Through this, he steals secrets and uses them to his advantage. The twist on the movie happened when he was ordered to plant an idea to a person’s dream, which seems to be impossible. Definitely an intense movie, Inception is the perfect movie with a Sativa-dominant hybrid, which will keep your mind working while enjoying an uplifting high which retreats to complete relaxation.
  2. Before the Flood (2016). Another film by Leonardo DiCaprio, Before the Flood, is an eye-opening documentary that involves activists, scientists, and world leaders discussing a very delicate and timely topic, which is climate change, the truth about it, pending dangers and the possible solutions. This film shows the current status of the planet and how nature is doing right now. The documentary shows the sad truth about the status of the environment as a whole. You can watch this movie after smoking a balanced strain that can keep you focused while in a relaxing state.
  3. Avatar (2009). A blockbuster movie by James Cameron, Avatar is a movie that combines fantasy, environmental and spiritual themes. Being high enhances the feeling as you watch this movie. Watch this strain after smoking a strain with a strong cerebral high to heighten the psychedelic effects.
  4. Samsara (2012). Another documentary on the list, Samsara, is a documentary about understanding the human spirit and the natural world. It features war, violence, poverty, greed, financial issues that encompass the reality of how we live in this world. It features 25 countries in five years. This movie is perfect for spiritual enhancement paired with spiritual strains that can help you meditate.
  5. Fight Club (2000). Fight Club is an epic movie that challenges your prejudices and can treat you to a good laugh. This movie can bring out a positive vibe and can make you laugh senseless. It feels good with a great ending. This movie is best paired with cannabis strains that can uplift the mood, which can fuel positive emotions.
  6. Anchorman, (2004). Everyone knows how funny Will Ferrel is, but this movie is his funniest, in our opinion. He plays as a top-rated anchorman of the ’70s. This movie will leave you laughing out loud with its crankiest jokes, witty conversations, and good humor. This movie should be paired perfectly paired with strains that can enhance the mood, though you are already watching a good film that later retreats to comfortable relaxation.
  7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 7 (2004). A movie starred by two very good Hollywood superstars, Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 7, is about a quirky love story. They try hard to forget about each other by erasing each other from their memory and mind. You can pair this with a feel-good strain while comfortably lying on your couch, giggling and feeling good.
  8. The Matrix Trilogy. Starred by the great Keanu Reeves, this movie is mind-bending with great effects and plot. Neo is played by Reeves is after an elusive and dangerous man, and everything happens in another technological realm. The fight scenes are epic; the plot is very good and the movie? Blockbuster. Pair this movie with a Sativa dominant strain to enjoy more of the psychedelic high.
  9. Pineapple Express (2008). Perhaps the best high movie of all time, this movie stars James Franco and Seth Rogan. Pineapple Express is a very funny movie that involves a weed dealer who has witnessed the murder of their boss. The plot goes around the murder and the never-ending chase. The best strain to pair for this movie? Pineapple strain, of course!
  10. The Big Lebowski (1998). A film by the Cohen Bros, this film stars Jeff Bridges as “The Dude”. This film is superbly hilarious and super funny. You will not be able to stop your self from laughing from the good humor and jokes. Pair this movie with a great relaxing and mood uplifting strain to enhance your mood while enjoying this movie.


The list we have above is just a few of the best movies to watch high, especially if you are in the mood to relax, have a good laugh, or simply treat your mind with new knowledge or yet to meditate. These movies are highly recommended as they are also popular, and most of them are blockbuster status.

A movie with a good plot will speak to you, especially if you are in the mood. If you have consumed a strain that enhances the mood, you can feel the feeling by watching funny movies. If your mind is active and you feel so inquisitive, you can watch highly recommended documentaries. Some movies can help you meditate.

So you see, there are best movies to watch high, and there are strains that can make movie viewing better. If you feel like sitting down and enjoy a good movie after smoking weed, there will certainly be a good movie waiting for you. Happy watching!

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