10 Best Strain for Arthritis Pain

10 Best Strain for Arthritis Pain

In this article, you will know about the best strain for arthritis pain as well as the other beneficial factors which make this cannabis great. The majority of people across the globe think that arthritis is an illness that is only evident in older people, but that is not entirely true; arthritis also comes in many forms that can even affect kids, which is why in America, it is considered one of the primary foundations of a lot of disability.

Over the years, scientists and researchers are trying to find out the best cure for arthritis; however, the solutions often lead to chemical-based medicines that possess side effects that can cause health issues on prolonged usage, which is why more and more people turn to cannabis.

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing characteristics, which are good for treating arthritis and other chronic pains, and because it is all natural, there are no side effects that are similar to chemical-based solutions. Here are the best strains for arthritis pain.

What are the best strains for arthritis pain?

1. Pennywise

This strain is an indica dominant strain that is known to provide relaxing therapeutic effects. As terrifying as it sounds due to the Hollywood movie inspiration for the name, you have absolutely nothing to fear about this strain; it has tons of CBD that will surely relax those joints and muscles, which prevents them from creating more friction that causes pain.

2. Blue Diesel

As for this strain, it is a good combination of sativa and indica; this is a well-balanced hybrid. Its effects are smooth and consistent; this is not like the hybrids that are unpredictable; this strain does not give sudden up or down effects. Blue diesel has also been proven to promote good joint health.

3. Power Plant

Now, this strain is a sativa dominant strain that roots from strains that originate from South Africa. This strain contains a high level of THC that will surely energize you and improve your mood. This strain is considered a promoter of energy stimulating cannabis. It is a strain that relieves any pain that the body has and also has characteristics that shield the joints and bones from damage.

4. Remedy

The list keeps getting better and better. This strain has a name that should not be further explained. This offers one of the best remedies that you can find to ease the pain caused by arthritis; this type of weed has one of the highest levels of CBD that is responsible for eradicating the pain. The good thing about this strain is that it doesn’t have any THC content that will make you high.

Besides the extreme relaxation effect of this strain, it has a characteristic that minimizes inflammation and can also help in reducing stress levels.

5. Anesthesia

This strain is one of the number one picks for people who are suffering from severe pains or in the medical term chronic pain. As the name suggests, it is really a sedative which gives numbness to the body. This also is the best strain for people who have inflammation and body pains. This is a strain that is not suggested to be used frequently.

6. Black Widow 

The black widow is the best in its class when it comes to its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory benefits. This is considered one of the staple strains to provide relief for people with arthritis. 

7. The OX

The OX strain has a very high CBD content that can be used medically to suppress pain. Having roots from the famous Bubba Kush, the OX has become one of the popular strains in the cannabis community. It does not have a heavy hit when it comes to psychology, but it has its moments. This strain is very safe to use, even in the daytime.

8. White Lotus

The potency of the White Lotus is very undeniable, it is packed with a lot of CBD, and it boasts its long-lasting effect in the system. If you noticed, all arthritis patients barely even move; this is because no muscles, joints, and bones create a contact that will initiate severe pain. This is what this strain does; it gives a relaxing feeling that will minimize movement but providing you with a good mood.

9. Harmonia

The Harmonia strain is a unique, strong type of weed that will provide the high that you need without knocking you out or making you experience the couch-lock. This strain has strength but not the kind of strength that eats you alive. However, this is for arthritis patients that want to relieve the pain they are feeling while also wanting to have a good time. Once the effects are evident, there will be extreme relaxation, but the patient will be flying high over the course of time.

10. Acapulco Gold

After a lot of deliberation and debates, this strain reached the number one spot because it is a strain that is not only intended for arthritis patients, but this strain is loved by many due to its satisfying potency. This strain is one of the greatest strains that humankind can ever enjoy; it stands beside the legendary strains that you can name. Its strength comes from its 25% THC content! This strain will surely make you forget that you have arthritis.

Get these weed strains for arthritis pain and other medical weed seeds only from authentic cannabis dispensaries.


These are the top 10 best strains for arthritis pain. We do hope that you were properly informed and educated. If you will use these strains for its medical benefits, always make sure if you need the right strain, determine if you need indica-doms or sativa-doms so that you can anticipate the effects that the strains will provide.

A solution for arthritis is one of the many benefits that this plant provides, with a lot of research and studies; this natural resource might be the solution to many illnesses all along.

Be responsible, use the right dosage, and, most of all, have fun!

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